Things What Electronic Signatures are Used For!


In this digital age where businesses in the flexibility and control users have over the documents they send. If you have the right tools and solutions you can do business anytime, anywhere, and from any device be it a computer laptop without any hassle!

So if you’re using e-signatures and you’ve signed your contract or document you might be aware of how electronic signatures are used right?

It may come to you as a surprise but electronic signatures are used on every sort of document out there. For instance, some of them are as follows:

  • For sales contracts, invoices, and proposals;

  • Easily fill and sign school forms, release, and permission slips;

  • NDAs, timesheets, and employee onboarding paperwork;

  • Sign leases, rental, and housing agreements;

  • Tax documents, bank forms, and insurance paperwork to name a few.

Furthermore, if you’re wondering how to create an electronic signature given below are some steps:

  • Create your sign on your computer mouse or touchpad;

  • Take a photo of your signature using your computer or smartphone and upload it;

  • Simply type your name and select any fonts to give your typed signature an authentic look and feel;

  • Use your finger sign either on your iOS and Android device!

After being created, an e-signature can easily be added to any document along with other annotations such as freeform text or checkmarks.

This is how you can use electronic signatures, With eSignly by your side, Everything is Easy!

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