What Are The Advantages Of Electronically Signing On Signature Apps Of eSignly?


The use of an Electronic signature system has increased across the globe. The present pandemic has boosted the popularity and use of an Esign solution for real estate and other sectors of the economy too.

The need for contactless transactions combined with a demand for building a smoother and faster communication process between the remotely working staff and company and other stakeholders has pushed the business community to adopt signature solutions.

There are many vendors in the market selling paid or a free electronic signature app. Among all, the robust and reliable applications are the E-signly application. It is one of the applications that allow businesses to streamline paperwork and manage them efficiently. The application is useful irrespective of the size of the business, and the sector of operation.

If using a digital signature solution has so many benefits then why do people still shy away from deploying it? Well, to help such businesses or people we are going to talk about all the advantages and the benefits that a business can expect if it is deploying e-signly Digital Signature for Government Agencies or profit-making organizations. Here we will also talk about how these advantages are going to impact your organization and its work environment. Apart from adding to productivity, you will be able to boast as an eco-friendly organization if you deploy a reliable digital signature solution.

Benefits Of E-Signly For Businesses

  1. Streamlining Workflow

Streamlining the workflow is one of the crucial steps that every organization has to take if it wishes to boost productivity. If your organization is performing the process of documentation in a digital way then it will be easier for you to streamline the workflow. Right from drafting the document and getting it signed by the concerned parties, everything has to be performed digitally in order to optimize the documentation experience. The overall effect is always positive when the paperwork gets digitized. The work ok will get done faster as the organization does not have to spend time handling and managing the physical paperwork. Esignature solutions also help in cracking every document throughout its journey. Each stage of progress is made on the document to monitor and track in order to maintain transparency and to be able to know the status of the document in real-time. If one tries to do the same in the traditional paperwork it is not only impossible but also time taking and cost-demanding. E-signly is both a paid and free electronic signature app that will streamline all the workflow to speed up the process without compromising security.

  1. Efficiency

When we talk about efficiency it has to be in terms of cost, time, and performance. Using an electronic signature system helps in saving a lot of time and money for businesses. If you are a small or medium-sized business then you understand the importance of reducing every possible expenditure. Every money saved or spent can impact business profit directly. Lowering expenditures lead to higher profits/revenue. An electronic signature for free saves the cost by reducing or cutting the expenses on printing papers and faxing or mailing them, paying postage, etc. With eSignly, you are saved from all this and more as every process is performed digitally within a few minutes.

  1. Digital Audit Trails

Authentic and accurate digital audit trails are possible with e-signly. As all the processes will be completed digitally without any human intervention, it will be stored safely either on the device or cloud. All the concerned parties to the document/process can have access to the records of the audit trail for better transparency. Unlike traditional auditing where the records are always exposed to physical damage or risk of theft or loss, a digital audit is possible without any hurdle or damage to the record.

In the traditional audit, there is a scope for Inaccuracies as the records/documents can be manipulated without being noticed as not every party has an access to the document. This risk is not present in the digital audit trail.

  1. Cloud-Based Storage

With a reliable and professional electronic signature system like e-signly, you can save data safely on the cloud. E-signly offers cloud-based storage that allows you to safely archive your data where you can access it anytime from anywhere.

No physical infrastructure is needed like in the case of traditional storage systems. As all the records are in digital format they can be easily exported or shred on the cloud. As far as the accessibility of the data is concerned only those parties who have the required PIN or key to the data can access it. Any changes made in the data are visible to every party with the PIN.

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  1. Streamlining the process

You are running a business then you are probably aware of how hard it is to get a document found at the right time with a hundred percent accuracy from all the parties To take care of knee pain before, during, and after the signing process completes successfully. In the traditional signing process, the document is sent to every concerned party through post or fax, and then each party signs it and passes it forward in the same way. This process sometimes takes days or even months. Plus, nobody knows the status of the document is in real-time and if the actual singer is signing the document. On the other hand, with an e-signly free electronic signature app, you can share the document directly to the parties who are related to the process in a single click. With the technology of encryption and private key, you know who has signed the document and you can identify the signer's authenticity too. Plus, the whole process can be completed within a few hours. This is a fast, reliable, and direct method of signing a document.

With this much speed, ease, and accuracy, businesses can confidently deal with many customers at the same time. Each document signing process will generate unique keys to avoid confusion and allow the authentication of the signature. This means many deals can be closed simultaneously without having to wait for days and spend money each time on stationary and postage. Cost, safety, and speed are achieved through e-signly.

  1. Increased Security

Security and safety come in handy when you choose to deploy esignature solutions and use them to complete the documentation instead of going for a traditional method. When all the process is digitized, nobody has to worry about the errors and the risk of theft or misplacement as in case of traditional methods. With password-protected accessibility, audit trail, and real-time monitoring of the documentation tracking every activity on the document is possible. Slightest of the change in the process/content or an attempt to meddle with it can invalidate the contract.

  1. Faster Payments

Electronic signature for free or paid comes with one more benefit and that is faster payments. When the signing process is performed digitally using e-signly businesses/users can expect a fast turnaround time; deals can be closed quickly and you can start the actual work earlier. A quick closing of the deals also means quick payment which means a better revenue cycle. Simply by deploying esignature solutions businesses can speed up the workflow and transactions. If you are a small or medium-sized business, timely payments are crucial to you. Timely payment will also help in the timely delivery of the project. Win-win situation, isn't it?

  1. Eco-Friendly

E-signly is paperless. The solution does not demand physical paper to perform signing procedures, this ultimately leads to saving the trees. We have already seen above in the statistics that around 42% of the wood cutting is done to produce paper-based products. Reducing the use of paper, will save the environment and also bring ease to the process.

Businesses will no longer have to spend on the storage infrastructure. A company can start its journey towards sustainable growth.

  1. Higher Reach

As no party has to be present physically to sign the document, businesses can deal with remote customers or other stakeholders easily. You are no more bound to a particular geography or location. Digital Signature for Government Agencies and other sectors of the economy can help businesses and users to increase their output and reach while enjoying the fruits of globalization.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, businesses can trust e-signly for the smooth communication it establishes between the parties. The solution is easy to maintain and sustain too. Using e-signly esignature solutions can lead to increased productivity and the organization can build a positive relationship with the business stakeholders. You become more reliable for others if the communication me transaction is smooth and hassle-free.


E-signly electronic signature systems are a reliable solution that every organization (that has to deal with the paperwork and people) has to deploy to experience how smoothly and safely a documentation process can be completed within a few hours. Being a responsible business it is your duty to be environment friendly. People will trust you more if they realize you are a responsible business setup that believes in sustainability along with profit.