The impact of E-signature Automation on Women's Hospital Registrars



E-signature is a solution to the ever-increasing healthcare staffing shortage. It's especially useful for redundant tasks that can be automated and made more efficient by using data and technology. Today's health care systems that are dependent on staffing and have high turnover rates have begun to recognize the benefits of automation. It allows new employees to learn business document security while veteran employees can do their jobs.

Access' eSignature platform, integrated with EHR rules-based workflows and the patient forms process, now carries the burden of the patient forms process via automated decision-making. This makes it easier for patients, clinicians, and staff.

Recently, we had the chance to interview three customers about how the technology has improved their business. Watch our 3-Part Series to learn more about how E-signature integration Automation can improve the lives of patients and staffing.



Placement of E-signature Technology at the Center of Patient Care Mission and First Impressions
Expedited information capture and real-time information verification
For a 1:1 Patient Focus Experience, complete a paperless registration department
Maximizing processes using Electronic signature solution Consent and Workflows to Reduce Redundant Work
First impressions are important in any industry that deals with patients. Amy Beal, a nurse at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge, created an intake form signing process that was easy and efficient. The previous business process was paper-based, which made it difficult to manage.

We had to print online forms that patients could sign and see. Beal says that the physical documentation process was also difficult, with staff trying to remember which forms patients needed and which ones were required.

Beal chose Access to help streamline the registration process and give staff better 1:1 care.

"The women we have seen are stressed, trying to hold the baby till she falls to the ground. It was important to create processes that patients could understand so they would be able to trust and sign all consents. Electronically displaying our forms allows patients to see the contents of the forms and helps them feel more at ease. Beal proudly declares that any time we streamline a process it helps us to continue our mission to take good care of our mamas."


Access e-Signature and automated decision-making had a significant impact on the development of new employees in areas where there is a higher turnover. Beal explains.

"Staffing has improved in registration areas. These are entry-level positions if you will. There is much to learn. Identifying which forms you need to sign in each case as a registration clerk is essential. Access Automated Decision-Making Technology has greatly helped us.


Although adopting new technology in a hospital can be difficult, it is worth seeing tangible results and how they affect other healthcare organizations. Woman's Hospital saw immediate improvements in the registrars' time with patients. This resulted in a better patient experience. Women's expectant mothers can now move through the process quickly to enjoy their first experience as parents. The automated background decision-making process electronic signature request handles forms has helped to alleviate many of the manual processes that HIM and registrars face. This digital certificate has created a more efficient experience for end users.

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