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How to Optimize Forms for Education With Prosolution and eSignatures

Prosolution & Esignatures.

How can schools remain responsive to budget cuts?

Technology is gradually being adopted by the education sector. Teachers across the country are hard at work to interview students and process their applications for admission to schools. September is just around the corner.

In May, the UK education department announced that the annual review of the pupil premium would be brought forward.

This means that schools will see an average loss of PS600,000.0 in pupil-premium funding.

This not only affects the quality of teaching educators can offer, but it also means that educators will seek out reactive ways to make up the funding gap.

We aren't saying that electronic signatures could completely eliminate the negative effects of tight budgets.

Signable can offer a platform to educators that streamline processes. With the busy term ahead, we want you to see how we can help.

How do e-signatures help educators & administrators?

Digital documentation and electronic signatures are cost-saving options that can be used to reduce printing, overnight delivery, couriers, copying, and filing paperwork.

It saves time and money when educators automate these tasks.

Teachers can cut down on paperwork by using e-signatures. Signable is a digital electronic signature platform that allows educators to organize and focus their attention on what is important to them.

Teachers can offer a holistic education experience with thousands of students under their watch. Digital tools allow for better communication. The process is simplified for students.

The application and onboarding process is simplified, which increases the time for learning while reducing admin time.

Bonus: Looking for a comprehensive guide about e-signing in education, click this link. This link will take you to the guide.

Electronic signatures are a great way to save time:

  • Teachers are being recruited
  • Processing student applications
  • Students are onboard
  • Requests for Change
  • Exams
  • Reporting
  • Consent Forms (COVID).

Signable and Prosolution

Pro Suite, a comprehensive suite of software designed to assist FE administrators to automate slow and labor-intensive tasks, is available from One Advanced.

The suite also includes solutions that can be used to assist further education professionals such as the Management Information System (MIS), and Prosolution.

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Further Education administrators can keep in touch with students through integrations like the one between Signable&ProSolution. They can also interact transparently and decrease the time it takes to obtain permissions.

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Prosuite allows institutions to track documents 24 hours a day. In the event of documents that are lost or damaged, Prosuite creates a paperless environment.

Signable's integration into ProSolution is an intuitive and essential system that can manage all digital documents while adhering to regulatory standards and compliances.