What are some good tech tips for real estate agents in 2019?

Technology is changing the day-to-day business landscape and therefore the real estate industry is no exception. 

Having the right tools to conduct specific business can make a difference between more business and losing clients. One form of technology that will keep a real estate agent in business is the use of real estate electronic signature to handle confidential and secure property documents.

Here are some tips that real estate agents can use in 2019

1. Market Automation

The idea behind automating your market needs is to focus on the core idea of the agency; interacting with customers. When you have so many deals to close, it means you have many documents to append your signature too. The choice of using real estate electronic signature solutions gives clients more confidence when dealing with you because of the speedy workflow and security your organization offers to them.

Instead of spending a whole day searching, scanning, and sending documents, let the electronic signature work for you.

2. Get out of the Office Only as Necessary

You can dedicate a day to look for property clients and the next day in the office or at home and uses the ESignature for real estate agents to confirm some deals. You can use those days out of the office to network and create more connections. Separating the clients’ search and signing documents improves efficiency and output.

3. Comply with Industry Regulations and Standards

The simplest way a real estate agent can comply with set real estate regulations is to operate within the confines of the business and local authorities. Alternatively, invest in an app running the eSignature real estate company. Most electronic signatures comply with set standards in terms of document and organization security.

A client who sees digitally signed documents from your firm will develop a trust relationship with you when handling sensitive documents.

4. Rebrand if Necessary

Go beyond what other sales agents do and come up with your own idea. Let all your existing and potential clients’ know the kind of electronic signature you are using and why it is important for them to embrace it.

Schedule a demonstration with them in order for them to identify with the new way of doing things and its relevance to them as potential clients. Explain the advantages of what the real estate digital signature has to offer.

5. Stay Ahead of Competition

Use one of the best Esignatures for real estate agents that allow integration with other applications and offices working alongside real estate companies. Such companies include land registry offices, legal offices, local authorities, etc.

Collaborating with all the crucial offices using few clicks here and there eliminates the need to physically visiting respective offices for documents to sign.

6. Let Potential Clients Know the Digital Signature Charges

In the same way, property buyers want to know the cost of buying a home let them know how much it will cost them to use your digital signature services. Once they get the exact cost if any, you will earn their trust, and more customers will be coming your way.

7. Cut Down on Paperwork

Real estate professionals have more to gain from using eSignature for real estate companies. Since the digital signature remains within the signed documents and in the audit trail, you do not need to keep long paper trails of signed documents for safekeeping.

Let the client handle the bulky documents, as you make sure the confirmation at the end of the deal is only through a valid real estate electronic signature and everything is in its place.

8. Keep Fraudsters Away

The real estate industry attracts many people with different intentions. The use of documents to certify every aspect of a deal is prone to stealing and forgery. To keep the opportunistic thieves at bay make sure that all your clients use documents bearing digital signatures.

Make it more interesting by introducing eSignature for real estate companies that allow for verification of the signee before appending the signature.

9. Implement Efficiency and Accuracy

The use of real estate electronic signature ensures enforceability in that no one can send a document that is not 100% complete. Therefore, anytime you go through a document, you can be sure that the client is using the correct document.

Using the digital signature eliminates a possible time-wasting tactic some offices use for frustration. There will no need to revise any paperwork and when only the agent and the concerned parties sign, it gives more credibility to confidentiality.

10. Investing in Cloud-Based Technologies

An efficient and reliable signature technology runs on the cloud and it automatically reduces your expenses. eSignature for real estate companies eliminates necessities such as ink, postage, stationeries, or additional transportation costs that form part of the budget in document processing.

Other cloud-based applications such as Google Drive, DropBox, Box, etc. also play an important part in the integration of the application when dealing with different users on varying platforms.


The use of technology in real estate shows numerous benefits to the agent and the clients. Digital signatures are widely accepted as an official seal because of the security it offers and the manner in which confidential information passes from one party to the next. Once the signed document passes to the client, the document remains that way without further changes, which can only take place through the same procedure.

The remarkable affordability of digital signing of documents means a lot to both parties. When you compare the annual subscription of an eSignature for real estate companies and the number of documents a typical realtor handles within the same period, investing in this technology could save you time and money.

There will be no more time to waste organizing documents security and filling when you know everything is safe somewhere in the cloud. The advice on the article if taken seriously will take you and the firm in the right direction. You will stay ahead of the competition and use less time managing documents from numerous clients. Now that you have more time for yourself, channel that time to lead generation.