Which Digital Signature Do We Require For The IEC Code?


The government has in recent times, advocated for paperless processes and transactions. One of the most important ways to achieve this goal is the development of an online system of authorization. The most effective method to implement this system was to introduce the use of digital signatures, which permit individuals to authorize and authenticate documents on the internet. Digital signatures for IEC applications, allowing exporters and importers to upload their documents online. In the article below we'll review an electronic signature certification required for IEC code applications, the procedure to get it, and the reasons why IEC digital signatures are crucial.

What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

In the process of incorporating a company or having to fill out multiple compliance forms, you've probably encountered the term Digital Signature Certificate or DSC. In addition, the DSC has an electronic signature that is backed by a verifiable key. This type of signature that is protected is required for a variety of electronic filings. It is, in essence, an authentic signature with added security and security. Furthermore, it can be utilized for filings of companies as well as for tax purposes, trademarks, and many other compliance requirements for businesses.

Which digital signature certificates are accepted by the DGFT?

The directorate-general for foreign trade has granted electronic signature certificates to be utilized in the IEC application. Furthermore, the application allows genetic digital signatures that are of classes 2 and 3 types. The electronic signature certification must be of class 2, or 3 types and issued by certified organizations that certify in India.

What does a Class 2 or Class 3 digital signature certificate mean?
There are two kinds of DSCs The DSC you can use is one of two kinds of DSC. They are:

Class 2
The identity of an individual is verified using a trusted database, which has been pre-verified.

Class 3
It is the most prestigious level in which a person has to appear before a Registration Authority (RA) and establish their identity. Furthermore, the 3 DSC is the highest level of security. 3 DSC is the most secure security level and is valid for one year as well as a two-year validity. After the validity period is over the card must be renewed.

For specific purposes, such as trademarks, patents, etc., a Class 3 certificate becomes obligatory. For the purpose of making an IEC application, it is recommended that the DGFT will accept both the Class 2 and Class 3 certificates as valid.

The certificate is provided by a valid certifying organization. Further, you can refer to eSignly for  DSC.


Allowed Tokens for IEC Application
Individual-Based Tokens to be used for Proprietorship - For Proprietorship companies, The validation process via the DGFT website will only be valid when the Serial Number in"Subject" in the "Subject" in DSC matches the Principal Account Number (using the HASH-256) in the owner's IEC Profile.
Organization-based Tokens for companies that are not sole proprietorshipValidation through the DGFT website will only be performed if the Organization Name (O) in DSC is the same as the Name in the PAN database within The DGFT's Database.
Furthermore, the user must confirm that they are using an active token. This implies that the DSC must not have expired. In addition, if it is, you should instantly pay for renewal fee to the agency that issued your DSC and then retry using the DSC to obtain an IEC code.
Entities may also make use of an IEC token to verify their identity for their profile.

How to use the DSC Registration Process on the DGFT website

Step 1– Log in to the DGFT’s official website at IEC and choose the tab “My Dashboard” from the homepage.

Step 2 – You would have to enter your login details with username and password and enter the captcha code. If you do not have an existing one, you can also create a new profile at this stage by filling in details such as your mobile number, pin code, district, state, and city. You would also have to choose “Importer/Exporter” in the drop-down menu on the new user creation portal.

Step 3 – In the “My Dashboard” menu, click on the “View and Register Digital Signature Token”. At this stage, you would need valid drivers from a USB token and thee-Mudhra utility (which can be downloaded from the eMudhra website) for the setup

Step 4 – Further, click on the “Register New DSC Button” and a digital signature window will open

Step 5 – From here, you will have to choose the valid credentials of your digital signature certificate. Select the name from the DSC Provider list, and certificate list, and enter your certificate password.

Step 6 – After you click on “ IEC Register” if the details match correctly, the system would authenticate the token and would be available for use. The registered details would be displayed and can then be used for IEC purposes

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