Create Your Own Personal eSignature with eSignly – Free Trial Available

An eSignature software tool allows you to sign and send documents involving legal agreements, contracts, or transactions.

eSign solutions have been expanding and many businesses, small and large, are realizing that they need to use them. When choosing an eSign partner or servicer provider you need to check on things like device agnostic or the ability to use different devices to sign. A user should look at the platforms or applications and services the eSignature service connects to including Google Docs, SalesForce, Dropbox, and others. One of the eSign companies you can use is eSignly. It is enables users to prepare their document, sign them and send to their recipients online.

What's eSignly

eSignly is an eSignature software that users can utilize to sign and send documents. It comes with features such as multi-party signing, task progress tracking, audit trial, and customizable templates.

How to Create eSignature Using eSignly Software

Online signature service providers offer a cost-efficient, fast, and secure way of signing documents. The traditional procedure of signing documents where a signer had to sign using pen and paper was very time consuming. Even with the introduction of eFax, the process still didn't prove to be effective. Today, however, with electronic signature services, it is easier and secure to sign documents electronically. Electronic signatures are quick to prepare and sign, and fast to share.

Creating Your eSignature With eSignly

To use eSignly in signing documents, you need to choose your document and upload it. The document can be in any of the common document formats like PDF or word document. You can also upload it form popular document sharing platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive.

Add names of signers and recipients

Once you have uploaded the document to the eSignly software tool, you need to add the names of all the people involved including the expected signatories as well as the recipients of the document that is being signed. You also need to add the email address of those people. You may want to mention the order in which they will sign the document. For example, if it's a company signature needed, you can have the name of the manager signing and that of the accountant. You also have the names of the people receiving the document, it could be another manager from a different company or a head of department in particular company.

Prepare the Document

When you write down the names of signers and recipients, you now move ahead to place the signature and send the document. When using eSignly software, you drag and drop the signature to the location where you want it to be as well as the initials and date. There are also options where you can customize the location of placing the signature by adding standard or custom data fields where signers can fill in. When you have created the location on the document where the signature will be made, you now can send the document to be signed to the signer.

Place the Signature

The signer will access the link that is automatically generated when you send the to-be-signed document. If it's you signing it, you can access it right from eSignly. When you have sent the document, the eSignly tool stores it securely on their server for easy reference and retrieval.

To sign the document, you access the document through the link provided. eSignly provides you with the tools to use in the signing process. You can navigate the tabs and read the simple messages that help guide you on how to sign. The electronic signature you make is 100 percent secure and legally abiding as well as globally acceptable. Once you have signed, you need to confirm and end the process.

Managing Your Document

You can manage the document signing process at eSignly in real time. For example, you can check the document status anywhere and anytime. It is also possible to set automatic reminder index and have notifications send to you notifying you about every single step of the signing process.

Both the signatory and the recipient have complete access to the signed document anytime they wish. The document is secured on the cloud but the parties can visit the digital signature website and print the doc it if they need.

When using eSignly, it is easy to administer the process. Users can get visibility into a signed document across an organization through managing internal users as well as adjusting the trial. There are advanced options that you can use to help attain the policies for compliance so that you can enjoy future time reporting.

Free Trial at eSignly

eSignly has different pricing options for the eSignature tool. There is the free option, as well as the paid versions. The free trial allows you to test the tool and see whether it delivers. The eSignly tool meets the legal requirements as set by countries like the US, European Union, Canada, United Kingdom, and New Zealand needless to mention Australia.

The packages for the service are grouped into pro, business or teams, and the enterprise level. Depending on the number of people who will be using the service, you can choose the appropriate package. The eSignly service is reasonably prices and is touted as one of the fastest growing eSignature solutions you find in the market. You can use it’s free service to gain some insight and experience on its functionality, performance, and security. You may also want to compare it with other software tools that provide eSignature solutions and see how it fairs.

In summary, eSignly is a preferred online signature service that offers you a reliable, safe, and fast document signing process. It has various features and tools to make sure that the process is easy and straightforward. Since the software tool works with many platforms, it ensures that users don't find it difficult to use the tool. Whether you have your document saved in Google Drive or One Drive or Dropbox, you can upload it to the eSignly software. The company also allows the parties to access their documents wherever and whenever they want.