List of Best Features for Electronic Signature App as Per Covid 19

Every person across the world irrespective of his or her profession will agree that COVID-19 is a game-changer in many ways.

Though it has pushed the world economy into financial trouble and has disturbed social life of almost every individual across the globe, the novel coronavirus has made the world realise that the future lies in the digitisation of businesses and lifestyle too. One of the advanced technologies that have started gaining importance in different economic sectors and government agencies or organizations is digital document signing.

Digital Signature solutions provide users with a unique e-signature feature that is legally acknowledged, accurate, secure and faster. Signatures are more like encrypted digital fingerprints that singers make on the document. Embedded electronic signatures are easy to track.

Digital Signatures provide you with undeniably robust protection and safety. This assurance helps to overcome the risk of fraudulent activities such as loss of document, displacement, forgery, etc. App signing documents use encryption technology to verify identity

Additionally, electronic signatures come with a certificate of encryption that guarantees that the document or the content in it is not altered in any way during the process of signatures and documentation. Private keys and public keys are used rather than passwords. This system allows users to authenticate the signing process and signatories.

What Does Digital Signature Software Mean?

Digital Signature Solutions or any free electronic signature app offers an easy signing process so that users can safely sign, share, and manage the documents. These solutions also provide unique identities to the signatories.

Before we go ahead and dig deeper for the features that are e signature solutions, offer let us understand their benefits.

Improve Customer Relationships

Today's world is a fast and hectic world. Nobody wants to spend more time doing one thing only. Services and solutions that you offer to your clients or users have to be fast, convenient and comfortable. Signature is not an exception to it. Digital signature solutions are critical in today's world. Your client would prefer to deal with you over anybody else when they realise that the documentation process you conduct and the signature drill they have to perform is effortless and hardly demands any time from your clients. Users can have access to the document anytime from anywhere for the signature and more.

Minimize Expenses

Digital signature solutions help you go paperless. You no longer have to worry about printing, faxing and mailing the documents by incurring stationery and postage fees. Plus, it helps in proper maintenance and Management of all the data or content or documents. One more thing to keep in mind is that digital signature solutions are the future the sooner you get used to it the easier it will be for your organisation to sustain in the market. Digital document signing not only saves your expenses but also saves signatory's costs too.

Faster Closing The Deals

Needless to say, digital document signing is a safer and faster process. Hence it also speeds up the time of closing deals. This is made possible as every concerned party of the deal can sign the document as to their comfort without having to depend on the rest of the signatories. The software directs or traces the document to every signatory added in the deal. This means businesses can close the deals faster and the client conversion rate goes higher boosting the sales process.

Monitor and Track Status

The App for signing documents allows businesses to monitor and track the progress of the document at every stage using the dashboard. A free electronic signature app too might offer this. Many digital signature solutions also notify the signatory through email in case the signatories forget to make the signature in the given time. This helps in streamlining the total signing process.

Signing Order

This feature, if available in e-signature solution, is useful when the document has multiple parties and a signing order has to be assigned or decided. The software will send a notification or invitation to the parties depending upon the decided sequence.

Optimised Document Accuracy

It is a very typical mistake made on the part of signatories where they forget to sign a page or mention a piece of invalid information or forget to fill implement/required data. Digital signature solutions eliminate such errors by designing mandatory fields in the document which ensure that the document is rightly filled, signed and completed within the given time limit.

Now that we are aware of the benefits digital signature solutions provide, let us understand some important features of this software. Irrespective of the online signature pricing, every solution you choose electronically sign the document has to provide you with the following features.


As mentioned above every digital signature solution must allow the user to know which signatory has signed the document and what is the process of the document in real-time. At the same time, users must know who has access to the document.

Bulk Sending

E-signature solutions are all about saving time and speeding up the documentation process. Any digital signature solution that offers features like bulk sharing is perfect for your organisation as it will allow you to share one document number of parties just in one click. This saves time and efforts of the organization.

Audit Trails

Transparent, real-time, and comprehensive audit trail allows users to track all the stages of the document signing process. Audit trail helps businesses to understand which party has signed the document and which has failed to do so. The document creator/ business can accordingly send notifications to the concerned signatory and remind him or her of the signature that is supposed to be made if he or she agrees with the terms of the content mentioned in the document. In case the signatory is expecting a change in the content he or she can mention on the document and the document creator will know about it along with other parties involved.

Regulatory Compliance

Digital signature solutions must be in compliance with the laws of the land in order to get the legal backing and validity of the legal authorities to the documents made and signed as a part of the deal. Apart from having high standard in-built security measures, what projects the software and rue signing process the best is the law.


A document signing app must have a feature that can allow your business to customize the process, legal disclosure or templates as per the brand or values of your business. Rebranding or customization is important as it allows you to connect with your clients in a way you prefer and make them look at the business the way you want.

Mobile Apps

There are some e-signature solutions that come with a mobile app version. This feature adds to the flexibility of use, ease and comfort of the user. This way the organization can collect the signatures on the go. 


A reliable app for document signing will connect the signatory to the document in an encrypted form. This means since a signatory makes a signature it creates a secure, digital fingerprint on the document using which the authenticity of the singstory can be validated. A professional signature solution will definitely offer features that protect the records/content/document. Usually, such software works like software as a service (SaaS).


A digital document signing process has to be easy and seamless. Every signature solution (paid or free electronic signature app), advanced or basic, has to offer ease of use. Yes, people want to integrate advanced technologies, but they do not want to indulge in something that is complicated to operate. They want a technology that is easy, secured and yet advanced.


You need a solution that incorporates and matches easily to the existing work process and works environment of the company. This integration has to be seamless, hassle-free and quick. If you find a vendor that can be integrated with the existing CRM software, you got the right one for you.

Understanding of Your Sector

An E-signature solution is perfect for every sector across the globe. There are laws backing these signatures. However, yet, while choosing the right solution for your business make sure the software understands your market, needs and objectives. If you are working in the financial sector, you are surely dealing with an ocean of crucial data. If your vendor understands this, then he will surely take extra precautions in the safety and speed area.

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A right digital signature solution will give preference to the capacity of the solution to integrate with other software or apps such as Google Docs. Efficient document flow can be painted this way. 


We hope you have understood all the basics you need to know before you finalize and reply to any e-signature solution in the organization. The only thing to remember is that a perfect solution will always give positive ROI and provide ease, speed and comfort to the users.