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More businesses are using the web to drive sales and increase customer acquisition via an online presence.

But customer awareness is not the only goal these days. Many companies are taking it one step further by automating everything online; from marketing to actual sales. For a business of any size, allowing customers to go through the entire sales cycle online is enormously empowering. It can lead to fewer bottlenecks in your sales funnel in the future.

Most customers turning to the web for information don't have the time to make a call or personally visit the company. As a service provider, the ability to automate the customer sales cycle can lead to higher sales volumes, lower cost per sale, and happier customers. Electronic signature vendors can help you achieve this automated process. If this e-signature software gets integrated into your business process, your customers have the option to complete documents online. Thus it is saving time, hassles involved with paperwork, and cost associated with sales teams.

Businesses that have replaced pen and paper contracts with electronic documents and signatures have seen countless benefits from this adoption. From increasing sales turnaround to saving time and money, e-signature technology is a business's best friend. Everything can be easily accessed and tracked if and when required. Contracts can be created, modified, signed, and securely archived with ease.

Companies using electronic signature solutions for legal services can create a system where clients feel valued. They will appreciate the fact that you made it possible for them to undergo an easy and fast transaction process. When you minimize customer problems, you increase your sales as well as boosting customer satisfaction. It doesn't only make you feel like you provide a valuable service; it sets you apart from your competition too.

Finding Electronic Signature Provider

Many innovative web applications are getting integrated into business processes. It is due to the continuous embracing of technology over the past few years. An electronic signature is one of the most significant developments to have taken place. The enactment of e-signatures has helped most individuals and corporations to handle high-volume transactions and document procedures with the click of a mouse button. Businesses using electronic signature technology are also benefitting from greater competence in document workflows. E-signatures offer a host of benefits to document senders, as the technology helps in validating signing parties and securing various types of documents.

The popularity of e-signatures is increasing, and many business people are keen to learn more about this knowledge. As there are various e-signature software providers, companies, and individuals should exercise carefulness in selecting the best solution. Here are some considerations to keep in mind;

1. Software Usability

The usability of the e-signature software will influence your use of the app over the long term. You should be able to attempt the software with a free trial to experience the comfort of sending a file for signature and signing a report online. If you have queries about how to use the software, submit an inquiry for email or phone support to test the receptiveness of the provider's E-signatures legal department customer service.

2. Fraud Reduction

One of the apparent benefits if the electronic signature to businesses is that reduces fraud substantially. Unlike the handwritten signatures, the electronic ones are impossible to fake. Therefore, an impostor seeking to defraud a business setting is unlikely to do so unless the business is not correctly armored against internet fraud. It also goes the other way; the company can raise its authenticity by showing an e-signature in its documents and its dealings with other individuals or businesses. It is especially true for e-commerce businesses that have an international outlook but do not have a physical address. Confidential emails get equally protected in this way from outside security threats. Therefore, companies that can authenticate themselves in this way are more likely to succeed than those that do not.

3. Compliance to the Law

When choosing an electronic signature legal services vendor, check how obedient their services are with the laws leading the use of electronic signatures. In the U.S, there are two regulations, the ESIGN Act and UETA. They define the legality of electronic signatures and protect their users. Your e-signature provider should be established and clearly state not only that its application is compliant with the primary legislation. But also provide details on how the software works by the specific provisions of the laws. It will support your confidence in the product and ensure that the documents you have executed on the service are legally permissible in the future. For the honesty of your business processes, it is worth taking the time to explore your e-signature benefactor before signing up for the service.

4. Integration Ability

Another significant aspect of your e-signature provider is the capacity to integrate the application with your internal systems. Your venture in eSignature for a legal agreement should enable you to tie the electronic signature application into your existing business processes. One should understand that not all e-signature benefactors allow such capabilities. Companies probing for an e-signature provider should first inspect their standard document workflows. They should think through how they are going to assimilate e-signature technology in their business processes. Then, examine the API, or application programming interface, of the electronic signature solution. Also, review examples of how other industries have integrated their systems with the e-signature vendor's AP.

Final Thought

In this epoch of increasing technological improvement, business and individuals are dealing with the massive challenge of online scam and system hacking. Undeniably, these activities are costing them a lot in terms of cash lost. The discovery and application of the electronic signature came about to reduce these instances of fraud, especially in the commission of government business and provision of services to the community. There is an increasing need to connect over the web, send applications, debit receipts, invoices, confidential emails. It saw the adoption of e-signatures as a viable means to keep online business as authentic as possible.

Most businesses agree that the traditional, manual process of getting a contract signed can be quite a hassle. Imagine having to hand-deliver an agreement so that it can be approved, only to find out that the person who needs to sign it isn't available. Or the client still wants to peruse the document at leisure before signing, so you end up leaving empty-handed.