Why E-Signatures Are Becoming Increasingly Popular in the Real Estate Industry?

Technology has changed almost every aspect of our life. And the past 20 years have been remarkable in changing the way we perform daily transactions such as shopping, making payment, entertainment, etc.

While everything is getting impacted by technology, how can the real estate sector not? Thanks to the technology, buyers, real estate agents, sellers, and other stakeholders simply need a device or software that can smoothen the document signing process and get the deals closed quickly. Well, there is a solution available in the market and its use is increasing across the sectors of the global economy, not to mention the real estate industry. That technology is an Esign solution for real estate.

The esignature solutions are an "absolute necessity " that permits your customer or client to sign almost every real estate document, from anywhere at any time.

Here are 5 manners by which eSignature for real estate business can profit real estate businesses and agents and ensures that a document signing process no longer disturbs productivity. 

Ease of Use

Those days are long gone when real estate transactions used to take weeks or months and the process used to be complicated for all the parties had to take care of complex matters carefully and manually. Parties had to sign dozens of legal and business documents such as agreements, offers on sales, etc. A real estate esign solution is a saviour for every involved party of the transaction such as buyers, sellers, agents, financiers, government, etc. All these parties can perform their responsibility by signing the document without having to be present at a particular place at a particular time. Along with ease of use, the parties can stay assured about the data they are sharing online including the signatures, as every process is performed under a secured environment. Esignature solutions help perform transactions smoothly and quickly.

Stay Mobile 

An Esign solution for real estate gives real estate agents remote adaptability. The solution is a perfect fit for growing the customer base inside and across various states or nations. It is not, at this point essential for real estate agents to live near their customers. electronic signature merchants support cloud-based technology, permitting the two parties to electronically sign the reports from any place on the planet. Regardless of whether you or your customers live in the same city or a few states away is no longer a worry. 

Gain Confidence

Another method of acquiring certainty with clients is by letting them use a profoundly secure electronic signature technology. All they have to do is to use electronic signatures to sign the electronic document when invited via email and they will get the final ( all-signed and accurate) document automatically.

Guaranteeing that the appropriate individuals have executed the legitimate and that it hasn't by any opportunity been changed is something that will acquire trust and make your customers more certain about working with you. 

Lower Costs 

Modernizing property transactions can save your business a ton of time and stress. It's been assessed that some real estate companies "save $20,000 every year in printing, petrol and report stockpiling costs" by going paperless. 

Property is a business that is progressively growing in the current world. The property deal is the ultimate objective of every real estate process. Nonetheless, there is a ton of desk work behind this process. 

Today the interaction with the customers is established through digital platforms and less desk work is required. Albeit the business of real estate includes the utilization of electronic documentation, the actual paper must be utilized while drawing plans of constructions. However, electronic signatures are getting more famous in the business as there are tasks to be performed like the signing of an agreement and document storage, sharing of reports, etc. The Esign solution for real estate allows all the parties to sell and buy properties to sign digitally, save money, time, and resources.

Real Estate Company usually uses two types of electronic signatures, which are, independent and dependent signatures. Both approve the use of an electronic signature, these signatures are used differently. Esignature solutions offer many benefits to the real estate market. Following are the reasons why Esign solution for real estate are becoming so popular in the real estate sector.

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  1. Mobility

Mobility is one of the reasons why real estate agents prefer esignature solutions. Using this solution the real estate agents can sign documents from anywhere at any time using any device. Electronic signature solutions are backed by cloud technology and hence their users can access them from anywhere. While the broker is showing the property to one client, he can simultaneously sign an agreement with other clients for other properties. No wasting time, no waiting, no losing on opportunities. 

  1. Efficiency and Accuracy

When an agent manually files a document there is a chance that he might make mistakes or miss some data, especially when the workload is more and he has to take care of many documents at the same time. On the other hand when the agents are leveraging an electronic signature system to file documents, then the risk of errors is almost zero as the system will not accept the documents unless all the required data is accurately filled and the right person has signed it. Plus, it is easier to correct electronic documents as compared to paper-based documents. Agents do not have to worry about the accuracy and timely filing of the document. eSignature Solution for Government Agencies or eSignature for real estate business certainly brings efficiency to the process.

  1. Cost Saving

E-signature is supported by cloud computing technology which makes it cost-efficient as the business does not have to worry about a physical infrastructure to store data. Businesses no longer have to incur expenses on paper, ink, printing, mailing, faxing, stamps, etc. as the esignature solutions let transactions be conducted digitally. 

  1. Security is Enhanced

Real estate documents carry vital personal information along with financial data that makes such documents sensitive. Increasing online crimes are making real estate agents and common people more aware and conscious of the activities they perform online. eSignature for real estate business helps protect clients' data as a digital signature used by this solution leverages security measures that use a mathematical technique to authenticate the integrity and credibility of every transaction or data. A digital signature holds the same value as a stamped seal or a handwritten signature. This helps in overcoming the issues like impersonation and tempering while performing digital transactions.

Esignature solutions in real estate promise the safety and authenticity of the data exchanged and the parties involved. 

  1. Simple and Intuitive

The greatest benefit of esignature solutions in the real estate market is easy accessibility from anywhere at any time through the internet. This makes it simple and easy to use. Electronic signature software available in two forms across the market, some are paid and some are free of cost. The Esign solution for real estate solutions lets you perform activities such as drafting and uploading documents, adding signers, and securely sending the link to the recipients. Even recipients can sign an agreement document quickly and send it back to the sales agent.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits here are few more advantages of using eSignature for real estate business:

Faster turnaround


Closing deals quickly

Faster and more efficient

Conduct business on the go 

Eliminates paperwork 

Stay compliant and secure 

Secure & Reliable eSignature Tools For Your Business - Try It Now

To wrap:

Many countries across the world have made regulations and laws for the better and effective use of esignature solutions to allow a business to conduct their operations smoothly not just within the country but even with foreign clients. Businesses are understanding the expectations of the market and the people and with the help of the suitable laws of the land, they are adapting to technologies like real estate esign solution to offer speedy, more secured, accurate and reliable documentation and signing services irrespective of the geography.

Whether you are a real estate business, medical care facility or healthcare center or an insurance business, you can leverage esignature solutions to perform better and offer better to the customers. It is important to get a competitive advantage over other market players via customer satisfaction. When customers realize you respect their time and efforts, they respect your company and services more and are most likely to stay loyal to you.