Esignly Glad to Announce On-Premise Digital Signature Solution for Insurance Companies, Banking & Enterprises.

It's all about data. There is no brainer in understanding this face. In today's world, we all run on data and it is as crucial as money. Many small and big companies on the market are ready to take every possible measure to ensure they have access to accurate data from anywhere at any time.

The market is all about SaaS applications these days and every business and IT talking about how cloud-based solutions are the best. Even in the field of esignature solutions, every business or vendor is talking about moving to the cloud. Businesses across the sectors are impressed with this new addition and are finding ways of installing these cloud-based solutions into their business for the sake of benefits they would get from the cloud-based software. However, just because cloud-based solutions are gaining popularity does not mean on-prem or on-site signature solutions do not exist and these types of solutions are useless. What if you are a business that believes in controlling every operation and data of the business and prefers to have an on-site system on which you have total control? What if the data you deal in is highly confidential and you believe it should stay in-house under your observation? This is where Esignly comes into the picture.

Esignly offers cloud-based solutions too. However, it believes every business need is different and the business must get what it needs to protect the data and business operations. Hence, along with developing reliable and advanced esignature software features, Esignly also offers equally robust and reliable on-site signature solutions too. Let us explore more about it:

Many times, people refer to on-site solutions as on-prem solutions. So there is no need to get confused there. An on-premise solution is software that is deployed and that runs on the premises of your business. It can be within your building. esignature solutions can be called on-premise solutions only when both the hardware and software that are required to install and run this solution are deployed at the same place within the premises of your organisation such as within the server or IT room of the company and it is now a crucial part of the company's IT arsenal. It is visible to the company. Many companies were relying on this approach of managing data until a few years ago. This approach is about installing and using business management software locally. However, gradually organizations started running the software in the remotely located serves to save some space and expenses. Organisations decided to rely on a remote server rather than an on-premise system for two core reasons:

  • Businesses no longer have to spend money or use labour on deploying both hardware and software on-premises, compromising the valuable office space.
  • Plus, someone else was ready to take the burden of managing data remotely through the server, this was tome and cost-saving.

There are many electronic signature for insurance available in the market that offer attractive esignature software features. Here, we will talk about how insurance companies can rely on on-prem solutions rather than solutions offering digital signature in banking without causing any harm to data.

Let us explore the disadvantages of using cloud-based e signature for insurance.


One of the disadvantages of using a cloud-based electronic solution to take care of says is security. When you are dealing with private and sensitive data security is of concern. There has to be a robust way of safeguarding the data. Irrespective of the size of the business, protection of data is crucial not just monetarily but also legally and to gain customer trust. Cloud-based solutions are capable of protecting the data only up to a certain extent as such data is open to cyber-attack 24*7. There are many incidents where in spite of high-end security measures, hackers penetrated the system to steal or damage the data. On the other hand, on-prem solutions are completely your responsibility and the data does not go beyond your reach. Yes, you have to have a robust security system here too, but the vulnerability of the data is lesser here and can be managed easily.

Rules and Law

One more issue with cloud-based solutions is the huge list of rules and regulations that have to be followed. In some major sectors of the economy like the healthcare sector or the insurance and banking sector, cloud-based service providers and service users, both have to comply with strict regulations interim of data safety. For example, in the medical sector, healthcare businesses have to constantly worry about the safety of confidential medical data. There man my rules to be followed to ensure data safety in a way that it becomes valid in the court of law.

Now, let us look at the benefits of using an on-site electronic signature for insurance without compromising the security of data.

Businesses, especially those who are operating in the financial, healthcare and insurance sectors prefer to rely on the on-premise best esignature service to manage, safeguard and control their data and electronic signatures. Companies operating in these sectors have many laws and regulations to comply with in order to offer and operate with legal backing. These compliance are must in order to protect the crucial data, and hence they need on-premise solutions.

Esignly offers one of the best and most reliable on-premise digital signature in banking solutions. This solution is developed as per the business needs and offers many special specifications to let the business perform the process of documentation without any hesitation.

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Esignly solution that comes with internal storage and hardware security system is easy to integrate, not your existing business manager or document management system. Your document workflow can become much smoother and faster post this. Plus, businesses get a more reliable system to control data and electronic signatures. One major advantage of using an esignly on-premise solution is the automation of the entire signing process which makes documentation easier and simpler. It saves time too. Plus, documentation can be done efficiently at a cost-effective rate.

Esignly on-premise esignature solutions are secure and flexible too. It is a perfect way of:

Securing the signing process right from the beginning.

Reducing the cost of signature and documentation by getting rid of papers, ink, printing, faxing, mailing, archiving, maintaining etc.

Business can conduct a more environment-friendly documentation process by eliminating the use of papers.

Offers reliable and safe customer service, gaining their trust.

Complete control over the flow of data within the premises.

Privacy and security of customer data are ensured.

Esignly on-premise solution installation takes place behind the company’s firewall. Here, an insurance company has the liberty to install an e signature for insurance on the servers and can host the data in its personal data centre.

On-premise deployment offers scope for more flexibility and control of the system.

Two more benefits of using on-site best esignature service.


On-premise is used when the business expects complete control, scalability and flexibility. On-premise solutions can be moulded to meet a particular organizational need. And as an how your business expands and more data is accumulated, this option will increase its capacity to deal with work that data

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Licensing Model:

Some organisations above in buying a license for a particular period of time or for a lifetime rather than paying per use. Licensing method enables the business to estimate an accurate cost of using the solution for a particular period of time. This may help in reducing the cost of ownership.

One of the most argued concerns in the case of on-premise esignature software features is that it demands huge amounts of resources from the business in terms of time, money, professional attention/services etc. However, by choosing Esignly on-premise solutions, businesses can minimize the use of resources that are required to keep the software running.

Esignly digital signature in banking solutions is completely configurable. This means, you can mould it as per business brand, process, IT needs and more.