How esignly API makes implementation with existing applications a breeze


An Application Programming Interface (API) determines the kind of interactions a computer device can have with various software intermediaries.

Interactions include everything such as the types of calls or communication that can be made, which convention can be followed, how to make them, which data formats to use, etc. A reliable API for your business process, especially while integrating digital signature solutions come with extension features which allows users to extend existing functionality In multiple allys and scale.

If you are a well-running business with existing business software then implementing a digital document signing software with a robust API would surely make communication smoother.

A perfect API for your business, irrespective of the size of the organization and the sector you operate in is the one that comes with total customization keeping in mind the specific needs of your business and software components. Or you can use a API with general industry standards to facilitate interoperability. A modular programming that allows users to interface independently is an extra advantage of a professional API.

An API makes programming simpler by exposing objects or actions and abstracting the deployment.

Something about e-signature solution

Electronic signatures or they are also called digits signatures, are becoming a trend and multiple industries across the world (not business and non business) are leveraging this technology to optimize the ease of doing business.

Countries that have accepted the digital document signing as valid as the old, traditional form of document signing have grown. Businesses operating out of these countries no more have to stick to the wet signatures. With a digital signature API these businesses can draft an electronic document, request esignatures from every concerned party through their website or application.

A reliable API will help in signing documents, requesting digital signatures, automation, and speeding up the signing process. Multi factor authentication, downloading sealed documents, tracking real-time progress, etc is possible with API.

After knowing what an electronic signature API can do to the business process, let us understand what implementing an app for signing documents can bring to the business.

1. Ease of use

E-signature solutions are of huge help especially when you are dealing with clients located in foreign lands. Document signing and filing is impossible through traditional ways such as mailing or faxing is costly and time consuming; notary charges are extra. Plus, there is no way of tracking the process. Installing esignature API by Esignly will help in the tracking process through its website and app. Reaching the parties within seconds becomes possible.

2. Document Signing is Simple

Esignly API makes signature implementation easier and the subsequent process of signing. An intuitive app for signing documents plays a crucial role in simplifying the time-demanding process. Right from uploading the electronic document to it's filing, everything becomes simple and smooth. Any form of electronic signature, right from drawing it on a computer device to typing your name, everything is accepted and validated. Digital signatures are connected to the document in an encrypted format for better security. No professional knowledge or skill is required to implement this software and use it.

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3. Paperwork is Eliminated

Drafting and sending a number of documents and waiting for the completion of the process is a tedious task. Plus, how can one spare so much time in signing each document in today's fast paced world? Paperwork also brings risks like theft, forgery, displacement or losing the documents. Storing space has to be built with utmost security measures for paper based documents. Esignature solutions create, share, accept signatures and maintain an electronic document in the digital.form through the lifespan. Adding recipients, sending signature requests or deleting signature requests is possible through Esignly API.

4. Document Security

Free electronic signature app or e-signature solutions by Esignly offers API integration which helps in extracting and storing user account detail and also facilitated verification of the documents. Both these features help in ensuring the utmost safety and security in the documentation process. Esignature software works with superlative security protocols. Encrypted electronic signatures are tamper-proof. Esignly API has legal backing.

5. Time-Saving

Who would have time to wait for days for all the parties to sign the documents and then file the final draft? In this fast paced world, everything is expected to be easy, fast and yet safe. Same expected from the documentation process too. Esignly esignature API facilitates these all features. Electronic signatures complete the whole signature process in just a few seconds or hours. Tracking the document process is possible, and reminders can be sent to the concerns signatories to sign the document as soon as possible. All this is performed by the software due to the favorable APIs installed in the solution.

6. Quick Decision Implementation

Before implementing a decision there is a long process that is undergone in which several documents have to be signed and officiated by different stakeholders. If the documents have to take long to be signed, it means the implementation of the decision also takes longer to be acted upon. It is possible that good business decisions are lost because of the formalities and reduced momentum due to lengthy document signing processes. To help in sealing the gap between implementation and decision making, eSignatures provide a solution. It helps speed up the signing process and formalities surrounding the document's approval so that you have the decision implemented quickly. The involved stakeholders can quickly sign off the documents requiring a signature and offer the decision the seal of approval needed to ensure they are effected quickly.

7. Cost Saving

Businesses are always looking for ways to save on costs. Every single dollar saved can make a big difference- it can define the ability to make or break the financial muscle of a business. eSignature solutions provide a smart way of saving on costs whereby a business can improve its profits in the long run. It makes the business operations to be cost-friendly and allow documents to be signed fast and easily. Businesses don’t have to allocate huge sums of money on ink, paper, notary services, driving across the town, or faxing, and printing. There are no expenses on couriering and Xeroxing or the purchase of stamps. All that money saved is used to explore new business opportunities to enhance growth.

8. Higher Client Satisfaction

The customer is the king and when you cannot give them a great experience, they will complain and walk away. If you want to keep the customers happy, use eSignatures to make the process of doc signing fast and accurate. It allows the clients or customers to sign docs anytime, anywhere. The signing process is smooth and streamlined ensuring that you don’t have to keep on nagging and pestering the clients to make corrections on documents they signed incorrectly or they missed to signed. The eSignature platforms are created to ensure that the signing process is properly monitored and a client cannot return or send back a document that has errors in time or that is missing the signature. Unless the doc has been signed 100 percent and completed, it is not possible to hit the “send” button. The process ensures that all documents are signed properly and send to the respective clients or owners or parties involved in an agreement or contract.

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At the end of the day, if it’s a doc that will facilitate service delivery to customers, they will be happy because you can deliver the services faster. If it’s a project awaiting signatures to commence, it will begin fast when the docs are signed quickly.

9. Environmentally-friendly

The use of paper documents contributes to the degradation of the environment. The paper is obtained from trees meaning the more papers you are using, the more trees you are cutting down. eSignatures eliminate paperwork and embrace digital technologies to sign and send documents. Businesses have an obligation to ensure that they reduce the use of sake in order to save the environment. Eco-Friendly business is highly adored by customers. Today consumers want to engage with brands that are environmentally conscious. Documents that are electronically signed are sent, stored, and accessed from online resources like cloud-based storage or servers.

10. Business Efficiency

Processing contracts can be time-consuming, especially if documents have to be signed with a pen. To help enhance the efficiency in a business, eSignatures are utilized to improve workflows and management processes. When businesses stop printing documents and signing them manually, they begin to see their processes improve. eSign solutions result in a faster contract signing turnaround time further speeding up the operations of a business. When there is efficiency in a business, it also means there is increased productivity, more sales, reduced customer complaints, reduced costs of operations, and increased workers' morale. The business makes strides in meeting its obligations and serving its customers. The end result is the increased growth of the enterprise. And, eSignatures can contribute to all these positives in a business.

eSignly Electronic Signature Software

  • Signing Request

  • Cancel Signing Request

  • Delete Signing Request

  • Delete Recipient from signing request

  • Edit Recipient Email

  • Add more recipients

  • Get service balance

  • Get Document status

  • Create Signature request by template key

  • Create InPerson signing request by template key

  • GetTemplateProperty

  • Download Document

  • Send Documents

  • List signing request

  • Send Request reminder

  • Template listing

  • Delete template

  • User Account Detail

  • Verify Documents


  • Go 100% digital. Go completely paperless

  • Enable your application to digitally sign any document.

  • Quick online signing by the user with no need to procure any physical device.

  • Standard REST APIs to support any programming language

  • Documents can be in any format including PDF, Office documents, text, etc

  • Use PDF documents for widely used signature appearance-based signatures

  • Supports PKCS#7 based signing, as well as PKCS#! based raw signatures