Digital Signature: A Solution to Cloud Computing's Security Problem


Cloud computing is in trend. Efficient data storage, collaborative work environment, information sharing, and sharing of computing resources that require minimal interaction from the service provider and minimal management effort pole to relay – all that cloud computing offers is phenomenal. It cannot be matched by any other development that has happened so far in data storage, computing, or software.

Challenges Posed by Technology

Cloud computing has emerged as an economic and ecological tool that reduces processing and storage costs and improves the computing performance of companies. This technology has multiple advantages but at the end of the day, it is the technology that brings new challenges with it. It does suffer from insecurity in the connection between the user and the server. The openness that this technology offers to businesses renders them more vulnerable to fraud, theft, and corporate espionage. To eradicate this insecurity and make the technology robust and reliable, a variety of measures are taken which are implemented by following the best IT security standards. 

Solution: One of the best ways in which businesses can secure the documents and other sensitive information they send to their partners and customers via the cloud is through electronic signature. The type of electronic signature businesses use is called a digital signature based on certain technical and international standards.

Why Use Digital Signature?

You can buy a digital signature online and it fulfills three primary concerns, which are of:

  • Security
  • Authenticity
  • Non-Repudiation and Integrity 

As the three primary and major concerns regarding document security are answered, you can peacefully conduct your business over the cloud. The digital signature ensures that your document security cannot be compromised by anyone having ill motives.

How Does Digital Signature Work? 

Using a digital or electronic signature, you can protect all your sensitive documents that are sent back and forth via the cloud. Some people think that these electronic signatures are nothing but a person’s signature scanned and uploaded so that it can be pasted on the documents that are sent via the cloud. As per the opinion of a few individuals, electronic signatures are like a person’s signature scanned and uploaded so that they can be pasted on the documents shared via the cloud.

Digital signatures are much more secure and establish the ownership of a particular message, it authenticates the source of that message. It can be considered a secret key, which is awarded to a specific user. It is only when a particular user sends a message, that this key shows up. It ensures that the information you received is from the particular user only. Thus, no one else can impersonate a member of your team, partner, or client to send you fraudulent messages. 

While the source of a document is authenticated, it is also important to see that the document is not tampered with between the time when it was created and when you view it. To ensure integrity, a digital signature creates a tamper-evident seal. Thus, if the document has been tampered with somewhere in between, it will alert the viewer.

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses are conducted. It has created a collaborative workspace where information is accessible in real-time. Taking adequate precautions regarding security, this technology is definitely a boon.

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