How Paperless Patient Forms with eSignly Can Help Patients


Hospitals are moving closer to becoming paperless, and in the coming few decades, paperless patients forms bearing electronic signature for medical records will be the new way of accessing health facilities. 

Health care and pharmacies are successfully adopting digital signature technology by following the legal guidelines. eSignly’s electronic signature for medical records provides the best user authentication, document security, and message integrity. eSignly manages all the patients’ paperwork online, without the challenges of any printed copies, faxing, sending, and re-sending.

Here are the benefits of using paperless eSignly for patients seeking medical attention

1. Accuracy

Because eSignly allows patients to send their forms digitally, hospitals and health institutions can be sure that all the sign in forms for doctors’ office are legible and have all the required information in the correct format. When a client’s document is open, eSignly will help them fill areas that they need to fill out. Once the form is complete, an email notification will signal competition of the form.

2. Time-Saving

With paperless eSignly electronic signature for medical forms, the creation and collection of electronic signature are faster than ever before. Patients can finish the forms digitally in a friendly and straightforward format from anywhere. The process for creating a digital intake form is simple. Patients can create or upload a form to the eSignly online editor, make specific fields fillable and then distribute the link so that patients can complete and sign your sign-in forms for doctor’s office from any device with internet connectivity, at home or on the go.

3. Security

In some countries like the US, electronic signatures have a legal relevance as the handwritten ones. The acceptance of electronic signature for medical forms in hospitals, patient sign-in forms, billing, and consent forms has led to the gradual universal acceptance of eSignatures all over the world. All signatures added in eSignly are legally binding.

eSignly is offering one of the most secure e-signature solutions available in the medical industry. It provides guarantees that a service organization meets or exceeds industry standards for security, availability, processing, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system. Once the form is complete, it is sent to the doctor and later on accessible only through the personal eSignly account. Once this all done, the only person with access to the document is the patient, who can either share, email, or print out from any internet-connected device.

4. Save Money

Leading health plans and healthcare providers are using eSignly as they move from inefficient, paper-based workflows to fully eSignature health care processing. Save money on paper and related items while eliminating the financial burden of physical documents.

As an example, examine the paper-based costs of a hospital. On average, the company signs several documents in a given month, assuming that each employee can sign one document in a day. The hospital has to file the many files manually, with more than half of the papers with signatures need to go through the scanner. From this example, it is not difficult to look at the loss of time and resources the hospital is wasting when handling paper documents.

5. HIPAA Compliance

The eSignly digital signature approach is HIPAA compliant. The commitment to help hospitals meet the necessary compliance and regulations within the industry is self-evident. eSignly targets health plans, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and providers by managing the electronic signature for medical forms by ensuring that all information is authenticated and is kept safe.

Get accurate client data, save time and money and improve your document management while making sure your forms are in secure cloud storage locations

6. Building Relationships with Caregivers

Regulatory changes mean new requirements, but they also provide new opportunities. The eSignly digital platform provides members and agents with a better experience and improves collaboration in the healthcare ecosystem. Claims processing no longer take long and simplify patient admission while maintaining compliance

7. Streamline the Patients Experience

Paperless patient forms mean the eSignly’s digital transaction management platform enables communication between patients on their devices, like mobile phones and tablets. With eSignly, patients can quickly and easily sign in forms for doctor’s office digitally giving the treating facility apart from the competition.

8. Increase productivity

Digital transactions are faster and less error-prone. Whether it is an admission of patients or credentialing physicians, time is of the essence. eSignly significantly reduces transaction time by ensuring information is complete and signed digitally and securely.

9. Your consents and workflow

The online workflow uses your existing forms and reflects the patient’s signature requirements. The process is as legally binding as paper signatures.

10. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Integration

When a patient has a complete consent form, it will automatically land in the EMR storage database.

11. Stop chasing paper

Patients complete consent forms anytime, anywhere, eliminating the inconvenience of lawyers and countless office visits. A complete sign-in form for doctor’s office is sent to the patient quickly without the need to manage too much paperwork and with less stress.

The Benefits of Digital Consent Forms

Implementing a digital electronic signature for medical records using eSignly has several benefits. From any available device, patients can read and sign consent forms immediately after receiving treatment options. Anyone in the office can then access those consent forms from any computer. If you use electronic consent forms and back them up with a secure, offsite service, you can protect signed consent forms from accidental damage or loss. Furthermore, storing consent forms on your computer, instead of in filing cabinets and on shelves, gives your office a more modern, professional image.


Precise time management and gilt-edged security are crucial for medical organizations and healthcare businesses, which deal with sensitive client data exchange daily. It is essential to ensure that data collection is accurate; in due terms and that all precautions are taken to eliminate any tampering with the document whenever a patient intake form, medical prescription, or provider agreement is processed.

With eSignly, processing of documents is quick and secures once all the form fields are there. The ability to generate fillable forms, reports or agreements, request data, or eSignatures healthcare for patients gives control over the document status by setting access permissions for each patient. A single web-based fillable form and the digital signature are what are needed to create, send, and receive documents electronically using the eSignly email account. Health institution scan collects legally binding digital signatures and requests additional records directly from patients using any available internet capable device.