Want To Sign Documents Electronically Without Scanning Read on?


Downloading and Printing a document every now and then isn’t only a cumbersome task but also takes a lot of time and money, and is this all? Not quite you’ll have to again scan the documents and send them back for what?

For a signature from the other party!

Well this is a long and slow process and in the end, the company ends up losing a huge sum of money to trivial things

Want to know of a better way to get rid of this process and make things smooth and systematic?

Not to worry the answer is yes if you want to sign a document and scan it without any hassles quickly electronic signatures are your best bet. Organizations around the world are working hard to achieve the paperless feat nowadays but there’s a better and faster way to get through this vicious cycle and that is via “Electronic Signatures,” they are highly secure and authentic in nature and only an authorized person can gain access to the document. More and more businesses around the globe are incorporating e-signatures in their business.

This simple transition in which all the hefty documentation is removed is very simple yet time-saving. Following are the steps which will guide you through signing documents electronically without scanning them every time:

  1. First, add your document it can be in any format be it a PDF or Microsoft Excel or Microsoft word file whatever is to be signed;

  2. Then add the people who need to sign the document;

  3. All these people get an email telling them that these documents need to be signed.

  4. According to their preferences, they can type in their initials or accept and place their respective signatures on the document, and then after everything is done the first party can send an email to the final party that all the documents are signed and have been dealt with.

Use Electronic Signatures And Save Time And Focus On Your Business!!

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