How signature management solutions make designing and controlling your organization's email signatures easy


One can leverage email signature channels for multiple distinct avenues. But these signature channels demand full-time, dedicated attention and a management mechanism that can regulate their working. The management part of channels includes maintaining a fixed visual style, changing email signatures quickly, ensuring the accuracy of the contact details, etc.

Here, we will try to understand how the use of digital signatures and electronic signatures can help in the management of email signature channels.


Do you know what Anarchy is? It means no centralization of power or no government to regulate or manage or control the system. In email signatures, each employee has to create his/her own email signature and manage it. There is no specific pattern of protocol to follow here. Letting employees take charge of email signatures can be a bad decision though. It is important that there is uniformity in the signatures or the process and not let users decode email signature management.

Not many businesses do this though. If you are a small business with a small number of employees working with you, it is easier for you to manage email signatures. Plus, when the organization is small, the management does not really have a lot to talk about the brand. Especially, when you are new. However, once the organization gains some muscles and wants to expand its reach and value, it has to become more professional and sustainably. At this stage, it is important to emphasize the branding more and the business has to take mature decisions. For the exact same reason, businesses use the best esignature service and also do not let their employees design and use their business cards.

Because, in case you allow your staff to design and use their personal, customized email signature, use lose control on it and you will not be in a position to use email signatures for branding and marketing purposes. In the fiercely competitive market, it is important that you leverage every possibility of marketing to make your business a brand.

It is not possible to manage email signatures when users are allowed to design.

If you allow employees to design their own email signature, they might focus more on their personal branding by claiming to be high-ranking professionals and will not think about the business and its branding. As a business, you lose a branding opportunity here.

Hence, it is important to have a mechanism that will make email signatures more effective, organization-oriented, professional, sophisticated, and simple. Organizations can use digital signature in banking or other digital signature solutions depending on the required features and business goals. Electronic signatures are used by many to offer a positive customer experience and streamline internal and external documentation processes.

Made By IT

Most business organizations go this way. IT manually accesses every PC in the office and pastes the required email signature into the employee's Outlook. If you are a small company then it is possible to access every PC manually to do this. Even if you have a total of 10 employees, you need to have at least two IT professionals to do it quickly. Make sure these IT professionals have a thorough knowledge of DAGS, RAIDs, etc.

One more disadvantage of this system is that the IT professionals will have to keep their core tasks aside whenever you decide to make changes in the email signature, design, etc. In case you make a mistake in the selling or design, you will have to ask the team to do it from the scratch again.

This is a costly, time-consuming, and productivity-compromising system of managing email signatures.


Here, you take a step ahead, take the job on your shoulder, design a perfect email signature for your organization, send it across to every employee and ask them to use it as their email signature. This saves your IT staff from the extra workload. Or even this is a myth and in reality things are different? In fact, sending templates to employees complicates the management process. Let us see how.

You know behind the email signature, there is a clickable link that redirects the person (who clicks on it) to the webpage or a 'contact us' page of the company, etc. A person can write any word in the and backend, link to a certain webpage. Changing merely a visible text as an email signature will not help. Because no matter what you write on the visible part, it will take the person to the same page.

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Well, imagine the employees have changed only the visible signatures and the email goes to the customer or user and he/she does not like the design of the email/signature?

Hence, a business has to follow and undertake some type of management. You can ask the employees to share their email signature templates with you. But, run also you will have to review the email signature template of every employee of the organization. Will it be feasible? What if you find errors in a few or some designs that are not professional enough? You will have to send your remarks and suggestions, ask for changes, and request them to send the updated ones for review again. Even after spending so much time and taking so much effort, one or two employees might not approve of the final signature.

There is one more way of doing it:

Coded by IT

Ask the IT staff to write some HTML code into the systems to automatically add the signature specific to all emails. However, even this method is not up to the mark.

Digital signature and electronic signature

Here is a chance for an organization to sign every email and other documents of internal and external communication through a simple procedure.

Here, uniformity in the signature is assured which in terms leads to the branding of the business. Plus, the signature can be made quickly by the concerned person only. Integrating an e signature for insurance and other sectors with the email marketing management software is the best way of customer care and client relationship building.