Announcing the eSignly's Summer-19 Updates


New Features....!

Introducing eSignly Summer Updates!

We hope that you are doing well! We are working hard to further improve our product to enhance your experience with eSignly. We strongly believe that sending or signing a document should be smooth and delightful.

Just sit back & relax, we are not going to blind you with jargons! All the updates implemented aims at improving the user experience while saving your valuable time and money.

So What's New in eSignly’s Summer Updates?


Sign a document within seconds with just a single click.

You no longer need to choose your signature whenever you sign the document upon its receipt. Just copy the saved signature to sign all required places.

Switch on/off audit trail.

We have provided an option to switch off/on the audit trail page. Whether you send merged documents or a single document, there will be an option to split the audit trail page that you can choose as per your preferences. Also, you’ll be served with an option to receive documents as combined or separate PDFs.

Now decide who can receive the copy of signed documents upon completion.

Once the final document is signed by all the signers, it will come to you with an option where you can decide who can receive the copy of the signed document upon completion.

Get the actual name of downloaded PDF file.

Once the signing process gets completed and if you have used separate documents the name of the downloaded PDF file will always remain the same. It will not change as document 1, document 2, etc.

A signer will receive the document with its specific name.

When documents are received for e-signing, a message with details of document name will be displayed to each signer. It will help in an organized management of document for the sender and the signer.

Send email before approving or declining the document.

As an approver, there is an option to add comments or ask questions without approving or declining with an email.

Just click the email icon, add your comments and send it back to sender for review..

We will always strive to provide the best solutions for you! We still have more amazing and exciting things that we can’t wait to share them with you. In the meantime, give our new features a good experiment and share your feedback through our customer support, email or social media.