Benefits of Using eSignly in the Healthcare Industry


eSignature Healthcare Solutions are gaining popularity in the world. After the passage of the ESIGN Act, eIDAS and UETA act, more and more businesses across the world are showing interest in adapting to Electronic signature software.

While so many sectors of the economy are indulging in the leverages of this cost-effective technology, how can the Healthcare sector stay behind? Many Healthcare organisations across the globe are leveraging digital signature solutions for the multiple benefits it offers. Here are a few of the advantages of using one such electronic signature solution in the market named Esignly.

eSignly is a reliable electronic signature software that is perfect for healthcare organisations which have to deal with hundreds of patients on a daily basis and has to share and process and manage and store hundreds and thousands of documents with vital personal and confidential data daily. Here is of such an organization can expect from Esignly:

Document Integrity

Digital Signature Solutions verified track and maintain signatures automatically so that fraudulent activity cannot affect any signature of the involved parties. An e-signature software comes with high-end security protocols that ensure the authenticity of the signing process. The software also offers features like audit trails so that every concerned party to the document can track the progress of the signature and the content in real-time. One cannon point discrepancies if any quickly, to avoid delays.

Reduce Expenditures

One of the attractive benefits of digital signature solutions for Healthcare organisations is the reduction in the overhead expenses that an organisation has to make on a daily basis. A healthcare organisation no longer needs to spend on buying and stocking papers, ink, printing them, faxing them or buying postage stamps to mail the documents physically through postal services, etc. When these costs are reduced or eliminated completely, profits increase.

Document Accuracy

Accuracy is an important part of any agreement or contract that needs to be signed. Signatories cannot miss any field or mention wrong data or make a signature at the wrong place or make a wrong signature altogether. When we perform a signing process in a traditional format all the errors mentioned above are likely to take place. An eSignature Solution for Government Agencies and other sectors helps to get rid of such errors. Smart fields are created on the digital document where if the customer issues any field, an alert or reminder pops up on the screen telling you you have missed a field. If the data in similar fields don't match, alerts will be sent. 

Positive Patient/Customer Experience

An Electronic signature software improves and speeds up the signing process. The signatory only has to sign the document and does not want to perform any other task like printing or sending it to the other party or via post, etc. Electronic signatures are quick to secure and can be performed from anywhere using any computing device that has an internet connection

Digital Documents and Electronic Signatures can be Defended Strongly.

Laws governing electronic signatures like UETA and ESIGN Act have stated that electronic signatures hold the same legal status and value as pain and paper signatures. However electronic signatures go a step ahead and also offer a more secure environment for a signatory where he or she can stay assured that the data they are signing and sending will be safe and protected. Digital solutions use encrypted technology to connect a signature to the document and it also becomes easier to track back to the signatory.

Electronic Signatures are HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA is an act that governs healthcare providers, clearinghouses and health insurance policies, health data in electronic form, etc. A professional healthcare professional using electronic signatures that are in compliance with HIPAA guidelines must deploy software that verifies identities of parties performing transactions, keep the digital data and signatures protected from unwanted fraudulent attempts, etc.

Core usages of e-Signature in Healthcare

Medical Reports – 

Whenever a patient visits a Health Care Organisation and gets himself treated, the healthcare professional usually shares a medical report with him. Such medical reports have clear information about the medical condition of the patient. Based on this report, patients take their decisions. Doctors can share such reports electronically to the email address of the patient using eSignature Healthcare Solutions without the patients needing to visit the hospital.

Patient Consent Forms –

Healthcare organisations demand it's patient to sign an agreement before they start any medical process. This is a way of proving that the medical organisation for the Healthcare professional has informed you very well about your health conditions along with available treatment options before you decide what you want to do. 

Paying Medical Bills – 

One more scenario where paper-based transactions can be avoided for the betterment of all the parties is medical bill payment. Bills can be paid electronically without patients or their family members having to wait in long queues.

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Patient records – Every patient has a file that identifies the patient and his or her history of treatments and diagnosis. Doctors sign these documents whenever they do check-ups on the patient.

Medicinal Prescriptions – 

A signed medical prescription can be sent to the patient electronically so that he can place an online order for the medicines with proof that it is really prescribed by the physician. This will save patients time and energy too. eSignature Solution for Healthcare Professionals makes this possible.

Healthcare professionals know that if they wish to provide quality care services to their patients they must rely on accurate and Wholesome medical data. Medical organisations that do not use e signature solutions for Healthcare stay away from many crucial benefits like the following.

Contract Management

When digital technology and the smartphone and internet were not invented, it used to be hard to reach people who are usually in meetings. Sometimes the document had to travel for miles and days to reach the person for the signature. However, if the medical organisation is using e signature solutions to perform these frequent yet crucial activities like sending agreements and asking signatures, then such activities can be performed in a few minutes irrespective of the location of the patients.

Enabling Group Purchases

Hospitals will have to spend less money on buying medicine if the hospital has installed eSignature Solution for Healthcare Professionals. Otherwise, the hospital will have to spend hours and days to gather all signatures of people who have to approve hospital purchases. Group purchase becomes very much beneficial and easier with such solutions. Sending and receiving documents on mobile devices is possible with electronic signature solutions. Features like an audit train make the transaction even more transparent, reliable and protected.

Purchases and Distribution

You need to install a Digital Signature for Government Agencies or healthcare sector to ensure the good quality products right from the purchasing point to the point of distribution. eSignature Healthcare Solutions also lets you track the progress on products purchase and distribution process in real-time. This also saves the products from getting lost or misplaced. You will also know which orders are signed and completed and which are pending for the approval.

Apart from the above-mentioned uses, eSignature Healthcare Solutions are also used to perform the following tasks:

Medical records and other paperwork,

Quick payment 

Streamlining patient admission

Fast credentialing process

Privacy and security

Authentication and healthcare eSignature security

Following are some forms of authentication processes users have to contend with.

Email verification 

Shared Secret Questions

Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA).

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To Conclude:

Health sector industry is growing across the world and it requires an excellent partner which can let it serve its customer base hassle-free without costing extra expenses, time, and efforts. eSignature Healthcare Solutions are such partners which will assist you in performing your daily and crucial tasks seamlessly as per the streamlined process with maximum accuracy and the utmost security.