eSignature Software - How to Speed Up Your Law Firm


What amount does your law office spend a month copying, printing, and mailing packages via FedEx or UPS?

Implementing eSignature software in your operations could save you $60 per month. This allows you to send and receive signatures on documents such as client intake forms via email. It will allow for a quicker, more efficient, and safer way of collecting signatures from clients.

Think about how much time you waste collecting signatures from clients when you could be working on your caseload. You must be present in person to collect a signature.

1. Contact your client

2. Organize a meeting at a time and place that suits you (or send the document directly to your client).

3. Verify the time and place of the meeting.

4. You can either transport the document to the client's address or wait for the client to arrive at your office. Or, you can send the document by mail.

5. Sign the document yourself and ensure your client signed properly

6. Make copies of the document to be given to yourself and your client

7. File the document for your records

8. Follow-up on any additional requirements

It takes a lot of work to get one signature. This is a waste of time.

eSignature Software - The Benefits

It is crucial to make sure that the client intake process goes smoothly. This ensures that clients know they are represented immediately without having to wait for documents to arrive. It also prevents delays from affecting the scheduling of meetings. Your clients will feel more secure working with a process that is designed to take care of them.

Whether it is a retainer agreement, a client intake or any other critical document that you use during the client intake process, eSignature software provides security and efficiency that mail services simply cannot match.

What makes eSignature software safer? eSignature software automatically tracks who signed each document and when and where. This means you don't have to wait for important documents to arrive in the mail to find out if a document has been signed correctly or if it is on its way. eSignature takes the guesswork out collecting signatures.

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eSignature software can make filing documents much easier. eSignature software is easily integrated into automated workflows. This will store and file signed documents in client management systems with minimal human interaction. It can also be paired with robust content management systems to make it fully automated.

Simply put, rather than printing, scanning, faxing, and mailing documents every time you need a client's signature, you can simply push one button.

Problems With File Share and eSignature

eSignature Software Requires Very Little Setup

Unlike other digital solutions, eSignature software is very easy to use. The hardest part of the entire process is choosing which brand of eSignature program you want.

Once you have chosen your preferred brand of eSignature software you will need templates. You should start with the most commonly used documents, which require minimal editing client-to-client.

Simply inform your clients about eSignature software, and they will start to send signature requests. It's easy. It's easy to update and modify documents as needed and you can also create new templates.

Be sure to pay attention to the pricing of the eSignature software tiers you're purchasing. Each tier will have its own level of support, and feature set. As with all services, the higher the price, the greater the functionality.

The $60 monthly cost is based on the most expensive solutions available in the eSignature market. Even if you use the top-of-the-line eSignature software solution you will save money when compared to the average cost to print, copy, and overnight documents to clients using a parcel delivery service.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about eSignature software.