Five Tips to Make Document Management Simpler


Businesses used to store documents in cabinets or lockers. It can be difficult to manage these files as businesses grow.

It takes a lot of space to store documents over time. It takes time to retrieve documents and sometimes they get lost. The cabinet can become messy and dusty over time, creating a chaotic working environment. Document storage on paper is a wasteful practice that can lead to environmental problems for the planet. Document management is a faster and more efficient way to track, store, and retrieve documents. It creates a professional environment that is paperless and environmentally friendly. It automates all aspects of document creation, revisioning, and expiration. contract management allows you to seamlessly share documents between departments in addition to the primary benefits. This eliminates the chaos caused by data loss between departments. Cloud-based document management is a perfect solution. It offers a secure and scalable way to store documents, as well as easy management. Document management has evolved to include new management options that make it easier for businesses.

How Document Management Can Help Your Company

A document management system can make your business more efficient and more effective. These are five ways to do it:

1. The Central Document Repository

Employees will be able to access documents easily and perform their duties more efficiently. A document management system can also be used to organize all your files. It is impossible to keep all documents in one place with the traditional storage system of cabinets and storerooms. Each department prefers to keep its records close by for easy access. Document management software allows you to organize all of your documents in any possible category, such as name, size, type, author, permissions, and author. A file can be easily accessed by different departments or teams. The risk of losing documents is eliminated when all documents are in one place. You don't have to search for a file.

2. Easy Document Access and Sharing Features

An organization will soon have a lot of files to access. Not only will there be a lot of files to access, but also the necessity for sharing certain files within and outside the company. It is important to quickly locate files when you need them. With just a few clicks, you can access any document from the Document Management system. Advanced search capabilities make it easy to narrow down the document to only specific files in seconds. You can also share every document with people within and outside your organization.

3. Employee Tagging

Document management software will eliminate manual document sharing and delivery mismatch-up. You can quickly tag documents to bring the attention of the employee you want to. This allows you to easily assign tasks or parts of documents to specific employees. It also allows them to see where their input is needed. To help employees understand the file, you can also add a summary or description to each document. For related documents, you can create file folders like traditional file storage.

4. Document Monitoring

Monitoring documents is another way to simplify your business processes. It is not easy to track the movement of documents and when they were created, unlike traditional file storage systems. Document management allows you to track everything, from the date a file was created to its history and where it is headed. Each stage of the document's progress will be monitored, including its editing, versioning, and archiving. This will help you ensure that all steps are taken correctly and that the document is in the right hands. You can also create checks that allow you to track when each document passes each step in the process from creation to finalization.

5. Document Preview

The preview feature allows employees to view files in the repository without downloading them. The document preview tab opens each document in a simple tab, regardless of its file format. This allows team members to view it. A file can only be downloaded if it needs an amendment.


Esignly is a trusted electronic signature software that automates your file management process, despite the many document management software available. The software allows only authorized users to access certain documents. You can set up an employee tier system, add tags to each document and determine who has the right to view or download them. Esignly can be scaled regardless of the size and complexity of your company. Use the features listed above to choose what suits your business best. Esignly document management software is now available.

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