How Electronic Signatures Help Realtors to Sell Properties Quickly


Real estate is a multibillion industry that keeps growing constantly.

Its dynamic growth is a major attraction for many investors. As expected, some get it right and smile all the way to the bank, while others give up during early stages due to the numerous challenges they face along the way. Interestingly, to reap the fruits of the business, realtors have to be aggressive, creative and innovative. In a digital era, potential clients rely on the internet to find their dream homes. As a realtor, you cannot afford to deploy outdated methods of doing business. One of the easiest ways of attracting a global client base is through electronic signature software for real estate professionals.

Why should realtors embrace electronic signatures to sell properties quickly?

1. Competency

Modern clients are go-getters who don’t mince words as far as their preferences are concerned. Sometimes; it is difficult to keep them happy. To stand out from the crowd as a realtor, you have to be more convincing. Prospective clients need to be convinced that you’re competent enough to handle their needs efficiently. They want realtors who can guarantee a simplified, hassle-free property buying process. Fortunately, embracing electronic signatures solutions for real estate improves efficiency in terms of sharing significant information on real estate taxes, zoning rules, nearby community amenities, close development plans, and neighborhoods. Being competent simply means; digitalizing enterprise operations from start to end. It is the only way realtors can close deals faster in the current world.

2. Time-saving

Modern clients don’t have time to waste and want things done swiftly. Most prospective clients dread the whole process of owning a new home. They know very well that the process can be time-consuming and demanding. The traditional paper-based transactions can also be frustrating and discouraging for those with busy schedules. Nevertheless, such hassles can be avoided. Of course, through digital signatures software like eSignly.Clients want an actual real estate transaction that’s less burdensome and smooth from the beginning to end. Digitalizing your real estate operations eliminate the need for substantial volumes of documentation and complicated signing processes. In short, electronic signatures help realtors to sell properties quickly since all relevant parties including sellers, buyers, agents, mortgage lenders, lawyers, and notaries can execute their roles online successfully.

3. Extraordinary customer experiences

Prospective clients hate the complicated documentation processes associated with real estate. They crave sales that are less burdensome and convenient. Gone are the days when real estate deals comprised of long processes of signing the physical paperwork, contracts, and appraisals. For this simple reason, many realtors are adopting eSignature for real estate companies to facilitate e-transactions, digital archives, creating & sharing documents and provide faster e-transactions. In addition, using electronic signature technology comes with many advantages including improved efficiency, time-saving, and convenience. The e-signature empowers realtors to provide simplified processes that involve less paperwork for better customer experiences.

4. Enhanced Mobility

Using electronic signatures in real estate can be so advantageous for buyers, sellers, agents, and even real estate brokers. Traditional methods of closing real estate deals involved tiresome processes that demanded all parties to physically sign the necessary documents. Fortunately, e-signatures allow documents to be signed remotely without jeopardizing their integrity. With eSignatures for real estate agents, realtors can show listed properties to prospective clients online, negotiate with them and get documents signed and delivered from anywhere.

5. Guaranteed Accuracy

Unlike the traditional paper-based transactions, the use of electronic signatures software like eSignly in real estate can help involved parties to avoid errors. Simple errors on documents can easily complicate things leading to stalled deals. The best way to guarantee documentation accuracy is through the use of digital signatures. Electronic documents are not only easy to fill but also easily accessible and sharable. Realtors who have embraced e-signatures experience zero returned incomplete transaction documents as compared to those using the outdated manual methods. Electronic signatures are legally binding making them difficult to manipulate, duplicate, or forge, unlike manual documents. It’s time to say goodbye to error-prone manual processes and embrace electronic signatures for quicker real estate deals.

6. Money-saving

Another incredible benefit of using e-signature in real estate is that they are backed by cloud computing and technology. Resultantly, both realtors and buyers have fewer expenses to worry about. Unlike the outdated real estate transactions, electronic signatures reduce the expenses incurred on copying, printing, mailing, scanning, and mailing. Generally, e-signature operations involve less paperwork since they are executed through electronic devices. With reduced costs, negotiations take shorter time periods thus quickening properties sales for realtors.

7. Advanced documents Security

Buyers have a preference for reputable and competent realtors when shopping for real estate properties. They rely on the advice, and expertise of their chosen real estate firms to make major decisions. They want accurate information on properties, neighborhoods, and nearby amenities among others. Disseminating documents that are filled with errors, duplicated, forged or damaged can easily discredit your integrity leading to loss of potential clients. However, using electronic signature can help realtors to protect their clients data, information or documents’-signatures come with strong security features and protocol of e-signatures, solving all safety and security problems common with paper-based transactions including impersonation, forgery and tampering.E-Signly is one of the premier electronic signatures used in real estate to validate, authenticate and close deals faster in a secure manner.

8. Faster turnaround

Incorporating digital signature into your real estate business can have many benefits. One of them is a faster turnaround. Unlike the traditional way where potential clients have to wait for their turn to be served in the queue, using e-signature is more convenient. The technology ensures there’s a tremendous turnaround of potential clients being served simultaneously. Electronic signatures ensure that documents are signed in seconds from any location. Going the digital signature way helps to avoid time-consuming processes such as scanning, printing, mailing and shipping documents for signatures.


Electronic signatures can be used in real estate to facilitate the faster signing of documents, agreements, disclosures, pre-approved letters, sale contracts, floor plans, residential disclosures, and leases, Certificates of occupancy, name affidavits and mortgage forms among many others. Without a doubt, advanced electronic signature software such as eSignly has revolutionized the real estate industry tremendously making it possible for realtors to close deals faster electronically.