Accounting for Sustainability: How Accountants Are Going Green


In 2022, sustainability will be a common theme. Businesses are increasing their efforts to grow their business and increase sales in 2022. They are also prioritizing greener initiatives. Large companies like IBM or Microsoft are the ones leading the charge with their commitments to reduce carbon emissions. However, small businesses and individuals are also taking steps to follow suit.

What can accountants and businesses do to improve sustainability efforts? It turns out that there is a lot. We'll be looking at ways accountants can #GoGreen and make an impact in their own corner of the world.

Online filing of tax forms

It is possible to file tax forms electronically, which can be a green thing for accountants and clients. The IRS has made it possible for most firms to be filed electronically. This reduces paper waste and eliminates the need to print and mail.

Accounting firms and accountants can complete important forms quicker by using digital signatures and digitizing documents. Clients can send digital documents to their computers from anywhere they are. Signatures can be collected in minutes and documents completed and sent back to accountants when needed - often to meet financial deadlines or tax filing deadlines.

Additionally, electronic signatures allow you to utilize helpful features like knowledge-based authentication or multi-factor authentication MFA. These tools are an integral part of proving and establishing the identity and signatures of tax and accounting firms.

Implementing paperless systems

Accounting professionals deal with a lot of paperwork every day. It is because accountants are responsible for a lot of paperwork that it can be very environmentally-friendly to take their offices paperless.

It is easier to store, manage and share digital documents. This can help businesses save big. ADP and MultiBrief estimate that businesses spend $80 annually on paper, which doesn't include printing, toner, and shipping costs.

Virtual Meetings

Remote options like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which allow clients and teams to meet remotely instead of meeting in person, will reduce pollution and emissions. It also saves you gas and helps you keep more money in your pocket. Your clients will be grateful for the convenience of meeting with you at a time that suits their needs. Not to mention that going green will save you traffic headaches every day.

Remote Working

Remote work gives you and your team the opportunity to go green. This includes reducing emissions, traffic congestion in your area, and avoiding higher office space consumption. Remote work can not only make an impact on sustainability, but it can also help you manage your spending and budget. It has been even shown to increase productivity.

Utilizing Electronic Signatures

Foxit eSign has been a trusted friend of sustainability and green initiatives for years. For document completion that is not only more eco-friendly but also easier and more cost-effective, accountants can use electronic signatures to bypass the huge paperwork piles.

eSigning increases productivity, and security, and simplifies compliance efforts. Corp Magazine reported in 2015 that U.S. Businesses waste $8 billion each year just managing paper. This means that businesses can save significant money by switching to electronic signatures.

Maximizing time to save energy

Did you know that productivity can also make you more eco-friendly and greener? Electronic signatures can streamline your accounting process and that of your team. This will allow you to turn off the lights and save energy by reducing time.

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