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Clients Can Review and Send the Documents Back After Adding Their E-Signatures Using Their Smartphones

The traditional method of signing a document is to use printed paper. Modern society is characterized by positive IT developments. Technology allows us to live a more fulfilling life, without having to revert back to the 100-year-old methods.

The invention of a digital signature is one of the most significant innovations of the past decade. Because the entire world became a global village, and later a global street, it was essential. These tools can be used by many websites and software development companies to create remote signatures.

Is Electronic Signature Safe?

The security of the signing individual is the first question. Is there any way to ensure that signatures are not copied and used illegally? Although the problem is real, there are no opportunities for anyone to create a digital signature without your consent.

While digital signatures are possible to hack, no one can make a fake signature of your name. One cannot, for example, copy an e-signature from one document to another because they are unique and valid only for one record.

Everyone cannot deny the importance of digitally signing documents online. It is possible to do this without any additional effort. It is better to use e-signatures if your primary concern is to improve your organization’s workflow. This process also manages other business transactions.

E-signatures are easy to use and can be done without any stress. It’s not necessary to be present in order to request the other party to sign the documents on the spot. This saves time and reduces the amount of hassle you have to ask your colleagues to sign the documents.

You can stay where you are, and avoid the hassle of having to be physically present at a certain place at a certain time. You can do business not only in your local area but also internationally by using an eSignature app. This will allow you to speed up your work and make it easier.

Electronic signatures are a better option if you want to meet today’s high standards. They save time and can be completed in a matter of minutes. You can also browse the site to find out more.

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All of us have used paper throughout our lives. But, with time, it is better to find better ways to improve the quality and efficiency of your work. This app will allow you to do your job quickly and without any difficulties.

How do you Verify a Digital Signature?

Banks and large organizations keep a record of original signatures in order to verify an individual’s identity. Is there a way to verify an electronic signature’s identity? There are many options to verify the identity of asigning authority.


One-time passcode sent via SMS to the signer’s phone. He must write the passcode of four to six digits in order to validate the procedure.

Email Address

They request that you use the same email address as the one used to sign up for the website, and then verify your identity by checking your inbox.

Phone Call

They will need to dial the number provided and provide their names and access codes, which will be shared with the caller.

Security Questions

All software will ask for personal and knowledge-based information at the time you are setting up security settings. For example, your name, first company, pet, spouse, etc.

Verification of Legal ID

To be able to create an electronic signature for the website or application, a national ID card (Identification Card), is required.

The Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures

Let’s take a look at digital signatures, and how they can be used for our convenience.

Saves Time

It takes time and effort to print the signatures, sign the document, and then send it back to the recipient. Digital signatures allow you to save money and use it for other important tasks.

Uploading the signed document takes only a few seconds and you can sign it in a click. The signed copies can be sent directly through Gmail or another virtual service.

Professional Work

Imagine that you are going to get the most anticipated project for your company and they agree to sign an agreement, but you don’t have electronic signatures. You don’t have to wait for the moment. Go to now and get your first electronic signature.

It gives the impression that you are a professional to the other party. A digital sign allows you to track and manage a lot of documents easily.

Saves Money

People spend hours searching for the best deal on the market. This could be the time that could have been spent making more money at work. Electronic signatures can help you save money on printing, shipping, travel, and other indirect costs.

To get rid of your documents using an average program, you don’t have to hire someone. eSignly can do the job.

Steps to Sign a Document Using your Smartphone

Electronic signatures are a better alternative to traditional methods. You can save time and money and avoid using outdated procedures. The documents can be uploaded to the website, or you can drop it from Google Drive or another option.

Create a custom signature in PDF, Word, or PowerPoint file in a PNG image. You can share your document with the parties you wish by clicking the send/share button.

Add your Signature to a Word document

This is a good place for you to start, as many documents can be found in Microsoft Word format. Microsoft Word supports electronic signatures as well as digital signatures. However, you will need to pay extra for this option.

You can sign a document with a signature line by double-clicking it. You can either add a printed copy of your signature, type your name or add a handwritten one on a tablet computer. Or, click “Select Image” to find your signature file and click “Select.”

The digital signatures in Word can be a little more complex. You will need to buy a third-party certificate to show anyone reading the document that it is yours. This can run several hundred dollars per annum. Although you can create your digital signature from scratch, you won’t be able to verify its authenticity from your computer. This makes it less practical for document sending. A digital certificate may be necessary if you plan to send many documents that require a digital signature. However, if you don’t need one, you can use the app below or a simple electronic signature. Click on the Microsoft Office Button to get a digital signature. Next, click “Prepare”, then “Add a Digital Signature,” then click “Sign.” You will be asked to create a digital ID.

You can sign a document without Word’s signature system. However, clicking on the signature line will not do anything. Simply place your cursor wherever you want to add your signature, then click “Insert”, and then “Picture.” Your signature will appear in the document. You don’t have to worry if your picture is not correct.

Click on your signature to adjust the size. Next, select “Page Layout,” then “Wrap Text”, and finally “Behind Text.” You can now use the arrow keys for fine-tuning the position of your signature. Once you are satisfied with your signature, click “Save As” and save the document as a pdf file.

Sign your Name to a PDF Document

It’s easier to sign a PDF than a Word document. Adobe’s Acrobat DC software (free on both PC and Mobile) is likely to be used to view PDFs. It allows you to sign documents electronically, regardless of whether or not they are configured to allow electronic signatures.

Secure & Reliable eSignature Tools For Business - Try It Now

Simply open the document and click on “Tools” to then click on “Fill & Sign”. You’ll be asked to sign the document by clicking the “Sign” button. Once you are done click “Apply” to move the signature where you wish it to be. You can also adjust the size of your signature using the options in the field toolbar. Acrobat will save your signature so that you can sign your next document.

Mac users have another option: The default Preview PDF viewer allows you to insert signatures easily. Open your document and click on the toolbox icon at the menu bar. The signature icon will then appear. Your trackpad can be used to capture your signature. Or you can sign your name on paper using the built-in camera of your Mac. Simply choose whether you are using your trackpad, your camera, or both, then sign or photograph your signature and drag it to the right place on the document. To resize it, drag the corners of your signature box to the right.