Create Electronic Signatures Online By Drawing It On Any Device


With the constant growth of remote jobs and the ever globalized workforce, It’s become harder to bring clients vendors, customers, and other participants to one place to sign the document.

There are a lot of online tools that allow you to create electronic signatures. Thanks to this technology, users from all across the globe can look over and sign documents with ease.

While electronic signatures have been E-signature for legal agreements for more than decades, a lot of firms aren’t quite sure of the best method for including them in their processes.

This guide will demonstrate exactly how to make an electronic signature using different techniques and tools. In addition, we’ll discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of electronic signatures. We’ll also answer your most crucial electronic signature queries.

What is an Electronic Signature?

Electronic signatures are digital replacements for a signature that is handwritten.

Electronic signatures come in many varieties. You can write your name or upload a photograph or create a digital copy from your signature.

With the rise of remote work and companies spread around the world, companies are increasingly looking for quicker and more convenient methods of signing contracts, purchase orders, and other important documents. electronic sign companies can help businesses to improve their processes by giving secure, legally compliant signatures in the form of a digital format.

Creating Electronic and Digital Signatures

Electronic signatures can be created by using common tools such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Adobe PDF. Tools like eSignly and DocuSign are focused on workflows and forms management, but they also offer these signatures electronically.

You can also look for specific products such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and eSignly that offer alternatives for signing digital documents that have different degrees of security and complexity. Process management software such as eSignly is designed for workflow automation and forms but offers sophisticated digital signatures at no cost.

If you’d like to find out more about digital signatures that are secure take a look at this article about how to build an electronic signature workflow.

How to Create an Electronic Signature?

Sixty-six percent of businesses are in agreement that employees need more digital options for their workflow as well as 63% of companies are of the opinion that customers need better digital options as well.

The information is simple It’s time to think about the best way to integrate electronic signatures into any business procedures.

We’ll present you with the various options available to create an electronic signature. It’s simply a wet-signature replica that allows customers and employees who have any level of tech-savvy can benefit from this option.

No matter if you’re using a PDF or a Word document, or a digital document tool it is possible that you’ll need to create an image that is akin to your handwritten or wet signature.

There are three easy methods to accomplish this from any device:

Upload a Signature that you Have Scanned

Sign your name clearly on a white piece of paper with black ink. Then, snap a photo of your signature using your smartphone or scan it onto your computer. Then, save it to a secure place.

Enter your Signature

When you’re using a Word processor where you type in your signature and then adjust the font so that it looks as if you’re signing Times New Roman.

Sign your Name with your Mobile Device

Open your drawing application, or app on your PC smartphone, tablet, or. After that, you can draw your signature using a pen or mouse. Keep it in a safe place.

Although many find signing their signatures using either a mouse or finger to be the most efficient method to signify their signature Any of these methods can be used effectively. The best option depends on the software you use to create your documents or device and office configuration.

How to Create an Electronic Signature in Microsoft Word?

If you require a signature on the format of a Microsoft Word document, there are three ways to sign one:

Add a scanned picture of a signature that you’ve written: If you’ve created an image of your signature following the steps above, you’ll need to include your signature file in the correct location.

To prevent format issues, make sure you right-click the image of your choice, then hover on “wrap text,” and select “in line with the text.”

Add the signature line Based on your requirements you can opt to include an already-formatted signature line in the “Insert” menu. It could serve as an indication of your signature until you’re able to actually sign or type it in later.

Sign your name in the AutoText program: Use Word’s current tools for creating a reusable signature for the personal computers you use. Start by typing your name, then format it with signature dimensions and type. Then you should mark your signature. Next, you can click Insert QuickParts AutoText and save it to AutoText Gallery.

How to Create an Electronic Signature in Google Docs?

Similar to Microsoft Word, you can create an electronic signature on Google Docs by entering your personal information or creating a signature line, or by uploading images to your document.

You can use your fingers or mouse for drawing your own signature making a “scribble.” Here’s how:

Your cursor should be where you’d like to sign your name.

Click Insert > Drawing > New.

Select “Scribble” from the line choices.

Create your signature using your finger, mouse, or stylus.

Click “Save and Close.”

The signature you enter will remain where you last left your cursor.

There are many electronic signature add-ons that you can utilize to sign documents within Google Docs.

How to Create an Electronic Signature in a PDF?

Signing a PDF can be done using a variety of ways. In general, you’ll require an application that reads PDFs or a document signing software in order to read and sign the document.

Here are a few readily accessible options to sign PDFs:

Adobe Reader: open your PDF using Adobe Reader. Click to sign in using the toolbar, and follow the instructions. Adobe Reader stores your signature impression, so you can access it many times.

Preview (Mac only): open your PDF in Preview. Select Show Mark-up then sign in the toolbar. Sign your signature by following the instructions displayed on the screen for a wet or dry signature or signature image. Make sure you sign again and then select your signature to sign the document.

Microsoft Edge: open your PDF using MS Edge. Select Draw, and then select the color you prefer and the thickness. Enter your name with your trackpad or mouse in the correct location.

The Key Takeaway

However, you can sign PDFs using an eSignature API application for document signing such as DocuSign as well as eSignly. If you’re already using eSignly to manage the management of business operations, it’s simple and cost-effective to utilize it to sign your electronic signatures, too.

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