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Reasons Your Business Should Use Electronic Signatures for Government Forms in 2019

Government transactions will often involve a lot of signing of forms and other vital documents such as title deeds.

You need to consider using an electronic signature to fill most of these government documents. Here are the reasons why you need to consider using electronic signatures in government forms in 2019.

1. Easy retrieval

Many are times you go to a government institution requesting to access a particular document that you get informed it is missing. To make the matter worse, some of these documents contain necessary signatures that are crucial for you to access a given government service. With the electronic signature, you need not worry. Electronically signed forms are easy to retrieve and track. Whenever you need anyway with necessary signatures, you can get it without any hassle. In 2019, you, therefore, need to consider signing government forms electronically to help you retrieve them shortly.

2. Statutory requirements by the government

Modern day governments’ services are becoming more digitalized in the way they are rendered to their citizens. Most of them have made it compulsory for any citizen in need of any of their services to fill forms electronically and have them signed electronically as well. Some governments have invested in electronic devices and staff pieces of training to make it possible to have documents signed electronically. In 2019, any business that is therefore not ready to fill government documents online then it stands out to miss a lot of the services offered by the government.

3. Electronic signature for government forms is pocket-friendly

Electronic Signature Solutions used by most government institutions are more pocket-friendly unlike the manual ways of filling government forms. Every business is looking forward to saving some costs and become more flexible hence need to use an electronic signature for government forms. A company that uses electronic signature will not have to print the forms thus saving on cash used in writing the forms as well as the labour that is needed to do the printing. Extra that is collected is used to expand the business and increase its operation base hence making it more profitable granting shareholders more value for their investment.

4. Durable

Electronic Signatures for Government Forms are more durable than a manual signature. In 2019 you need to consider using an electronic signature for government forms because of their durability you can refer to them even many years away from today. Such a feature is critical because it makes reference possible whenever conflicts arise as far as payment or a given transaction is concerned. Manually signed forms are not that durable in comparison to electronically signed form. Most of them get tainted, and the appended signature fades. You, therefore, need to go for electronic signature for government forms in 2019.

5. The e-signature solutions are easy to verify

Most of the eSignature Solution for Government is easily verifiable in case any issue arises when one is appending an electronic signature on any government form. Such is not comfortable with any document that you sign manually. Many are times if a manually signed certificate has an issue one is often required to start again. Repetition of signing a document wastes time for the signer as well as the government resources. Any time that gets wasted serves as a set back to the organization since it does not get invested in productive ventures. In 2019 institutions should, therefore, consider electronic signature for government forms if at all they want to have a faster verification process for any e document that they have with the government.

6. Easy to fast track documents that are signed electronically

You can quickly know how far a given form has gotten as far as its signing is concerned — the ability to track a document awaiting several signatures from the government because it helps you plan. E-signatures for Government are the right option to go by if at all one looks forward to tracking whether the forms get signed or not. The electronic signature solution makes work more comfortable since you can follow your document without having to visit the government offices. Some signature solutions have a way you can get in touch with the signing authority and get to enquire. If you are one of the collaborators in the signing of the form you can send reminders to other officers who have not signed your document. Any business institution that looks forward to making a difference in the way it does business in 2019 then it has to consider electronic signature for government forms.

7. An electronic signature is efficient

An electronic signature is more efficient in signing government forms in comparison with signing the forms manually. Such efficiency is critical in improving the productivity of the business. Any business interested in having efficient business operations need then to consider electronic signature for government forms in 2019.


All businesses need to consider electronic signature for government forms in 2019. Each of them will reap a huge benefit by picking an electronic signature for government forms. Majority of the benefits are as discussed in this masterpiece.