Top 8 Apps to Sign PDF on Android & iOS 2023


Electronic signatures make it easier and quicker for people to sign documents electronically. You'll have probably noticed that there are many electronic signature platforms available. Although there are not many features to be explored from a customer's perspective, the business side of signing apps is vastly different.

Modern information technology has made it common to digitize and exchange documents. This electronic exchange of documents is faster and more convenient than traditional, physical movement. Digital signatures are required to sign a digital document properly. Apps are available for nearly any task. Can digital signatures also be used with some apps? Yes, most definitely.

The best digital signature apps allow you to do more than sign. You can also track and send the document's progress using one dashboard. It is easy to store and create your signature, so you can use it on documents. The most popular digital signing apps are much more secure. They keep track of the document and can be used to change the signature. Let's look at the top digital signing apps on the market.

Electronic Signature App Emergence for Signing Documents via Mobile Devices

Many departments now support online documentation due to the rapid growth of the internet in many industries. Sometimes these documents require digital signatures. There are many ways to upload them. Installing digital signature apps is the fastest and most secure way to get virtual documents signed. These are the best document signing apps for college documentation, KYC documentation, and attesting documents.

In this blog, we will also discuss some of the best electronic signature apps you can download to your smartphone. These electronic sign apps allow you to upload, modify, and secure digital signatures on Android or iOS. Keep reading this blog for all the details about these apps.

Digital Signature vs. Electronic Signature

Definitions are essential, as with everything legal. There are slight differences between electronic signatures and digital signatures. An electronic signature can be your written, drawn, or computer-added signature to a document. An electronic signature can be created with any app, including Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop. Although it is legally binding, anyone can easily alter it. This could make it challenging to prove your case in court.

Digital signatures are a particular type of electronic signature that uses cryptography and embeds details such as email addresses, where and when people signed documents and serial numbers, and identifying details about the device used to sign them. This creates a unique "fingerprint" for each document and a paper trail that can easily be independently verified. It would be much more difficult for someone to claim that they didn't sign the document if there was ever a court case. Digital signatures are more secure and legal in the world for official purposes. You will need an eSign app to add them.

The terms are often used interchangeably. However, in common usage, they are the same. It is worth remembering that distinction as you conduct your research.

Considerations When Choosing the Best eSignature Software

You are interested in streamlining your signature process and being able to request and sign signatures electronically.

There are many options for platforms.

Understanding the key features, you will need when choosing an e-signature platform is essential.

These are the characteristics to be aware of when selecting a vendor. Well you may be wondering how to sign pdf on Android, but first there are few factors you need to consider.


Is the eSignature solution flexible enough to meet your growing business needs? Many organizations will initially deploy an esignature tool in one department. Still, it will eventually be used across the entire organization.

Custom Branding

Is the eSignature solution able to allow your company to keep its brand throughout the entire esignature process? A customized e-signature process allows for high adoption rates and builds customer trust.

Easy to Use

Signing documents in real-time is one of the main benefits of eSignatures. However, this benefit can be compromised by software solutions that have poor user interfaces or experience. Is the eSignature solution easy to use? Is it easy to use and accessible for all who sign business documents and send signature requests? It is easy to create and manage for IT professionals. Is it difficult to upload a handwritten signature? The best e-signature software will include a drag-and-drop document builder that allows your team to create documents for signature quickly.


eSignly conforms to significant regulations and requirements worldwide. Is the eSignature solution compliant with significant e-sign legislation such as the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) or the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act)? Also, ensure that your esignature solution is compliant with applicable industry standards. How will your esignature solution conform to HIPAA regulations in a healthcare setting?

Integration With Other Software Platforms

Is the eSignature solution available with SDKs and APIs that allow developers to deploy integrated solutions quickly? Can they provide pre-built connectors used in popular business applications such as Salesforce? Are there additional charges for developing environments?

Automation and Process Efficiency

Is the eSignature solution compatible with your upstream and downstream systems? This will allow for straight-through processing. Can business rules be enforced during the signing process? Does the solution allow flexibility in data capture, document insert, and multiple signature options? Is the solution capable of supporting complex, automated document workflows? Is there a bulk-send feature? The solution should also use reusable templates to help your team simplify document creation.

Identity Assurance

Is the eSignature solution able to authenticate known and unknown customers using multiple authentication methods? Can the solution combine existing and new technologies to reduce fraud and repudiation risk?

A vendor should have experience in your industry and a deep understanding of the industry's specific needs. You should do your research and look into the reputation of the vendor. Also, check out its past successes with clients. This will help you find a vendor invested in your eSignature project's success.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time data is a great way to see how prospects and leads interact with your proposals. Do they open the document multiple times? Is it taking them a while to sign?

This information is available on-demand, allowing you to improve your proposals and sign deals faster. You will find the best e-signature software with helpful analytics. This lets you see which prospects are opening your proposals and, hopefully, when they sign on.

CRM Integrations

Most sales teams use CRM (customer relationship management). The best thing about CRM platforms is their ability to integrate with other platforms and apps to simplify your business processes.

A reliable e-signature platform that uses the right technology will integrate with your CRM platform. This will make it easier for sales reps to monitor what's going on in their business pipeline.

Top 8 Apps to Use for Signing PDF on Android and iOS In 2023

Because any important agreements that you receive in your inbox can digitally be signed and returned via email, digital signature apps are a great time-saver. While digital signature apps may not be something you use daily, they are beneficial when an occasion arises. These are the top digital signing apps to add signature to document iPhone or Android.


DocuSign allows unlimited document signing without any monthly limits. It allows you to share documents via email, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Although it is not the easiest app to use, it will be easy to get used to once you are familiar with it. You can quickly search Inbox for any agreement. Logins support managed work devices, and auto-fill is available to make it easier to use the mobile app. The mobile app makes managing agreements easy. You can filter important documents by date and status using the DocuSign app or eSignature app. For real-time signatures, you can use your Apple Pencil. The Inbox tab now supports Search. This allows you to locate any agreement from anywhere and anytime quickly. Login enhancements include support for managed work devices and auto-fill to simplify usage. New coach marks make it easier for mobile users to get started. They will guide you through the process of tagging documents and electronic signatures.


eSignly is available to many types of professionals. You can fill out paperwork and sign it while you're away from the office. You can also request documents from email contacts and draw your signature on the screen. You can also sign documents using Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Face ID can be used to sign documents if you have an iPhone X and later. It supports Apple features such as Dark Mode and multi-window iPadOS support. You can import your document by tapping eSignly in the latest version of the app. After importing the document, you can sign and request signatures from other people. Open documents on your iPhone/iPad from Files, Mail, or any other app.


SignNow is an attractive choice for enterprise users. You can unlock the full-featured version to get unlimited signing, a Kiosk Mode, a web app, and support for multiple users. These features can be purchased for a range of monthly subscription fees. SignNow's offline mode and templates are great for those who only need to sign a few documents monthly. SignNow's new document uploader is better than ever. You can also save your work as a draft to return to incomplete documents. iOS widgets can be added to your Home Screen. Keep your documents close at hand and sign documents faster by combining multiple documents.


PDFfiller allows you to modify and edit PDF files. It also lets you redact and change other PDFs. If you wish to sign a document, the Signature Wizard app is what you need. It allows you to insert a signature box anywhere and an auto-generated signature based on your name or drawn with your finger. Even a scan of your signature can be uploaded. The app has been updated with an enhanced Audit Trail, allowing you to view a complete record of all actions and changes in your account. You can find the PDF you want in pdfFiller's online collection of fillable forms. Click Search PDF to browse. You can now quickly send documents to be signed using the updated SendToSign component, which adapts to smartphones to speed up signing.


SigningHub, another handy app, allows you to sign business documents using advanced long-term digital signatures digitally. It also allows for flexible document workflow, approval, and status tracking. SigningHub takes the extra step to optimize how businesses send, review, approve, sign and approve documents. Every SigningHub digital signature is legally binding and compliant with international regulatory agencies. It implements strong document security through AES256-bit encryption over TLS/SSL.


DottedSign allows you to sign unlimited documents and send as many as three requests per month. Import documents from Dropbox, OneDrive, and many other apps. To unlock the Pro subscription for $10 per month or $60 annually, you will need to pay $10 per month. This subscription includes unlimited signature requests and reusable templates. You get newer versions that include reusable templates and preset signers. Attachment uploads are also available. Signers can request attachments, such as a photo of an ID card. You can specify whether the field is mandatory or optional and indicate that signers will fill out the date within a specified time.


HelloSign is a simple digital signing app that allows you to sign documents digitally. It's ideal for people who don't have the budget or technical skills to do so. Sign documents and collect signatures quickly on your mobile device, whether Android or iOS. You can sign documents in Gmail by using its browser extension. You can save signatures and use the text editing feature to fill out forms. You can also send a document directly from the app to collect their signature.


CoSign, a popular digital signature application that allows you to add digital signatures to digital documents quickly, is very popular. All you need to do is open the document you want to sign from the CoSign App. You can open this document from your mobile device, cloud storage, email, or within your mobile device. Next, add your digital signature to make the document legally binding. Share the signed document with any mobile app that supports PDF files. Your graphical signature can be created by drawing it on the screen with a pen or stylus. It can be typed in text or uploaded as an image file.

Signing a PDF Electronically is a Smart Way to do it

Electronic signatures allow you to sign PDFs or any other document quickly and easily. Signers can sign eSignly's secure, accessible and efficient eSignature solutions for no cost.

Signing with eSignly eSignature can be faster than traditional signatures written on paper. This is useful when you have to sign anything, such as statements of work, rental contracts and estimates, liability waivers, lease contracts, rental agreements, insurance forms, and statements of work or rent contracts. eSignly eSignature recognizes PDF documents and tags the form fields for data entry. You can save paper and trees by not printing. So if you are wondering "how to sign a pdf on my phone", here is your answer.

Signing a PDF Electronically Using eSignly

In seven simple steps, you can electronically sign a PDF document.

  1. Register for a free eSignly eSignature Account. Sign in to your existing account if you already have one. Check out this guide for new users to get started with eSignly.
  2. Click the Start button. Click the Start button.
  3. Select Upload to select the PDF document you wish to sign.
  4. If applicable, check the box "I'm only the signer."
  5. Click Here to Sign.
  6. Drag and drop your signature to the desired place on your PDF document from the left-hand navigation panel.
  7. Click Finish.

How to Send a PDF Document for Electronic Signature?

Do you need to send a PDF document to another person for signature? You can quickly prepare PDF documents for electronic signature with eSignly. Three free sends are included in eSignly accounts!

Here are the steps to send a document that needs your signature

  1. Send documents to be signed.
  2. Drag and drop the fields you require the signer to complete: name, address data, initials, signature, etc.
  3. Click send to add an email address to the signer.

How to sign a Document on Android Tablet or Phone?

The signature process for an email notification sent to your Android phone or Tablet may differ depending on the options selected by the sender. You will likely follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account by downloading the eSignly app for mobile. Do you not have an eSignly Account? It's not a problem. You can create an account by downloading the app.
  2. To access any documents you need to pay attention to, tap "Action Required." Click the blue button "Sign" in the lower right corner of the document you wish to sign.
  3. Click to accept an electronic signature.
  4. Take a look at the document. To sign the document, click the START button in the lower right corner. This will take to you to your first act.
  5. Please complete any fields required, such as your address, initials, or date.
  6. Choose the yellow Sign Tag.
  7. You can draw your signature or take a picture of one already created.
  8. To adopt your new e-signature, tap the blue checkmark in the upper right corner.
  9. To proceed to the following required field, click the "Next" button in the lower right corner.
  10. Tap to sign the document.
  11. Click FINISH to complete the signing process and select confirm signing.

You're done! Once everyone has signed electronically, the document will be sent to the next signer. After signing, you'll get a copy by email. You can also download a copy for your records, email it or save it in your Cloud storage.

The Key Takeaway

We wanted to add these top document signing apps to this list. As you may have noticed, nearly all these apps for Android or iOS offer the same features. It shouldn't be challenging to choose the right app.

Because they streamline a tedious and time-consuming process that is often repetitive, signature apps can be valuable for your team. Your customers will also benefit from signature apps. They make it easier for buyers to sign contracts quickly and allow you to track activity, remind them, and follow up. This will improve the buyer's experience and make it more enjoyable. Find the right signature app to fit your team's needs and save time.