Using Digital Signatures to Go Green


Each year, the world produces 300,000,000 tons of paper. Of that, 45% ends up in the garbage. The future does not have to be filled with huge piles of paper waste and landfills. We should instead see a future that is more green and efficient with less paper consumption. The answer to your question is digitization. Many countries around the globe have begun to abandon paper-based workflows and processes while making the transition to digital counterparts.

What are the consequences of digitization?

Although it might not seem like the last minute, in reality, we would be very close to it if our current paper usage continues. Over 68 million trees are used in the U.S. to make paper. The average American, Japanese, and European person use 250-300 kg of paper each year. The average office worker uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper each year. These are stats that we don't want to see continue into the future.

What makes going paperless useful?

Not only will you save money on paper and stationery but also on your company's infrastructural expenses. You can move your document storage online and eliminate the need to store, preserve and search for documents manually. We can save 1.4 trillion pounds each year by moving our document storage online. This roughly equals 728,000 trees. Companies can go paperless with systems like electronic signatures or cloud-based document management platforms. This is a great step in the right direction.

How do you go paperless?

The idea of printing documents in order to sign them is rapidly disappearing. With the rapid growth of digitization, it is likely that signing and storing documents online will become the norm. Digital signatures will drastically reduce the time and effort required to print, scan, and ship documents. This will help companies become paperless. This is how digital signature solutions are helping to pave the way for a greener and more paperless tomorrow.

Now it is time to continue building on the foundation of the paperless mission. Let's start with eSignly. This digital signature platform goes above and beyond legality, usability, or functionality. It is easy to use, and even easier to register. Now is the best time to go paperless for a brighter, greener tomorrow. Get digital with eSignly

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