Why Real Estate Agents Must Use Electronic Signatures?


Being a full-time real estate professional is no easy job. Most real estate agents work for 40 and more hours a week. Their work is not even restricted to weekdays, for they might have to work on weekends to accommodate the clients who were busy with their own jobs during the usual business hours of the week. To top it all, the agents also have to deal with an exhaustive range of paperwork like purchase contracts, mandatory disclosures, financing-related documents, and many other types of legal documents. But the digital age has given a simple answer to every real estate agent who is looking for minimizing the overall efforts that go into closing a deal, and the answer is esignature solutions.

Here are some frequently asked questions that real estate agents have regarding e-signature solutions:

How can a real estate agent use an electronic signature in their work?

If a real-estate agent needs a signature from their client, all they need to do is upload the document on the e-signature software and send it to the email address of the client. The client will then be guided step-wise through the signing process. If the agent is face-to-face with their client and wants the client’s signature on spot, then they can use the software’s in-person signing functionality for the same.

Does e-signature software help in ensuring successful closing?

The time and paperwork that go into the real estate purchase are enough to scare off a new real estate buyer. They may be excited at first about the purchase, but the excitement could slowly fade away if they feel that the sale is taking a lot of time, or if they have to prepare and send excess paperwork from their end. But with electronic signature software, effort and time are not the issues anymore. The overall transaction time reduces greatly and the buyer does not have to deal with any of the paperwork hassles. Ergo, the agent will be able to keep the buyer on board and lead them to successful deal closing.

Is electronic signature software expensive?

Not really, especially if one considers the cost savings that it will bring about in the day-to-day real estate workings. Besides, the technology has evolved tremendously since the e-signatures were first launched thus making them quite budget-friendly.

Can E-sign solutions offer the required security level for real-estate transactions?

E-signature solutions are generally equipped with all the security measures that are needed to guarantee the authenticity and validity of the e-signature and the document. The documents are stored safely to protect them from loss or tampering.

What is the impact of esign solutions on time and cost factors?

With esign solutions, the real estate agent can say bye to the expenditures like printing, xeroxing, faxing, and shipping of the documents. They can also save fuel costs because they are no longer required to visit their clients personally for getting documents signed. And since everything is done and handled electronically, the entire signing process can be completed very quickly.

An electronic signature can make the work of a real estate agent much less complicated and tiresome. It is definitely a prudent investment for every real estate agent.

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