2022 Digitizing Of Paperwork And Leveraging Online Contract Signing


Today's modern businesses deploy new technologies to keep up with the fierce competition and stay ahead in the market when it comes to increasing the customer base, expanding the business, and providing the best services.

New technologies are helping users stay connected. Businesses can leverage these technologies to build positive relations with the stakeholders of the business. Not only businesses but even its stakeholders are expecting late Ruby technological advance as it is the only way to perform with the utmost efficiency and accuracy in the least possible time. With better productivity comes better results and better growth.

There are many technological solutions that businesses are using to streamline the workflow, to reduce human intervention, to offer better security, and to perform with utmost efficiency. Enterprise Resource Planning Human Resource Management, CMS, CRM are a few of the modern-day solutions being used to perform effectively in today's world. One of such technologies is esignature solutions. This technology is useful to every sector of the economy including government agency health care institutions and more. Real estate signature and digital signature for government agencies are designed to take care of these two sectors. Esign solution for real estate is being used by many small and big real estate organizations to complete the contract signing process quickly and resume the actual work in time. The real estate sector has to deal with multiple stakeholders on a daily basis. There is a lot of paperwork to take care of and a lot of private data to be handled. And all of this has to be done with utmost safety, speed, and accuracy. Even the slightest delay can cost a lot. Plus, a reputation is always at stake.

An real estate signature makes sure that all the parties of the contract stay happy and ensures that they have taken the right decision by associating with your business and from here inward they can expect a positive real estate experience. To generate and sustain a positive experience, a real estate company has to buy quality material from reliable suppliers within the time, professionals and skilled workers have to be appointed to take care f the actual construction and design, a contract has to be signed with the buyers, financial aid has to be provided through reliable banking set up, approval from the government is required, and more. To complete all of this and more within a given time, the company has to take the help of robust technological solutions such as esignature solutions.

The digital signature solution has all it takes to perform a documentation process in a secured environment. The solution is made for the modern world where people prefer to perform most of the activities digitally or remotely without spending time being physically present everywhere.

The same is true in the case of government agencies too. Hence, the government offices are not shying away from using eSignature Solution for Government Agencies. The government sector is one of the factors which has to deliberate people on a daily basis. Tons of paperwork needs to be completed every day by hundreds and thousands of government employees to make sure that public safety and public rights are taken care of.

Right from application for the passport, buying or selling land, selling farm products to the APMC, Applying or withdrawing PPF, every transaction that involves permission from government authorities comes under this. Every day government employees take care of lakhs of complaints and requests. It is humanly impossible to work on every request of a task in time. Hence, the government is now deploying advanced technologies. Using esignature solutions, the government is trying to finish every work of every citizen in time without compromising the safety of the data and without making it mandatory for a person to be present in the government office all the time. Dealing with long lines, and crowded waiting rooms is a headache not just for the public but also for the government offices. Using digital signature solutions, people now do not need to visit the office in person. Government agencies can draft an electronic contract, add the signatories and send it to them in one click. The concerned signatures can open the document from anywhere at any time through their mobile phones and perform signatures. Crucial documentation processes that used to take days and months to get completed can now be completed within a few minutes or hours.

This not only saves time for the person and government officials but also builds a positive bond among the parties. Citizens can rely easily on government bodies and are ensured that things will be performed in time and accurately. This is of help to the senior citizens who stand for hours and hours in the line.

Now, let us understand why business organizations and government agencies find electronic signature systems attractive. Let us explore various features and benefits of e signature solutions too. However, before we go ahead let us know what a digital signature means?

Digital Signature or electronic signature are made using signature solutions. These signatures are online versions of the handwritten signatures. You can perform a digital signature in many ways and one of the ways is to use a stylus or finger to make a signature on the digital document through a reliable digital signature system or you can choose from other types of signature such as clicking on the 'I agree' button or can take a picture of the handwritten sign and paste it as an electronic signature.

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As per the Esign act passed by the US Federal court, an electronic signature is as valid as a traditional signature and any court cannot deny the validity of an electronic signature just because it is electronic.

Let Us Start With the Benefits Cum Features of Signature Solutions:

Face Pace World Demands a Faster Process

Be it a real estate sector or a government agency or a commercial sector, every organization is expected to provide A-class services to its customers or stakeholders. In today's fast-paced world nobody has time to go through the same process again and again just because of some silly human errors. Nobody has time for delay and would like to run here and there just to make a signature as it has to be made in person, physically. Hence, people are relying on online or digital services to perform most of their tasks. An electronic signature system will help organizations to perform documentation quickly without keeping customers waiting in long quests and requesting them to be present in one location.


Data is as crucial as human lives and has to be dealt with with the utmost safety measures. The digitization of transactions is taking place in human life, people are sharing lots of data online. This data has to be handled safely. In the case of the real estate sector or government agencies, all the data shared by a person needs to be stored, shared, and managed with utmost precaution. . smallest errors or breaches of data can cost this person a lot. Data such as financial details, bank details, unique identification number of passport details need to be handled safely. To ensure this safety, esignatire solutions offer 100% transparency in the process. Right from the starting and uploading of the document through the signing process, every step is monitored and tracked. Post signatures, this data is stored safely on the cloud with password-protected accessibility.


An electronic signature system, since deployed, starts showing its benefits. One of the best benefits is the elimination of paperwork. Organizations and customers no longer have to make arrangements for stationery, postage, fax, the printing of the document, stamp, etc. Everything is done digitally. No need for paper, no need for a printer, no need to ink, no need for huge storage rooms, no need for taking care of piles of physical papers, no wasting money on building huge infrastructure and maintaining appropriate room temperature. All these expenses are saved simply by deploying a reliable signature solution.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, digital signatures help in increasing productivity as people can work smoothly and the workflow is streamlined. A streamlined documentation system means happy customers as they know everything will be done systematically without any intervention or delay or loss of data. Happy customers lead to customer loyalty. Another added benefit of deploying an Esign solution for real estate is efficiency in the process.

Going through the benefits of esignature solutions you must have realized why Real estate esignature is gaining popularity! Post- endemic the world has gone digital like never before and the future will be even more digitally dominant. If you wish to walk with the time and stay ahead in serving your customers best, digitization of the workflow is needed. Deploying a reliable electronic signature system is just a small step towards a brighter future.

To Conclude:

To conclude, we can say that the year 2021 is going to be dominated by those organizations who do not shy away from leveraging the benefits of online contract signing.