A Need for Secure Long-Term Business: Digital Signature Verification


Companies are increasingly using online methods to manage their business. They need reliable ways to verify the authenticity and integrity of these electronic items. More specifically, they must ensure that they haven't been altered maliciously since creation.

They must establish a system for non-repudiation of legality and legality when it comes to digital transactions. This is why they use digital signatures. But, communication over the internet is only possible if there is trust in the electronic identity of the parties involved. A PKI-based digital certificate is an accepted method of managing electronic identities. These digital certificates must be verified by the relying parties as they could have been compromised or revoked.

You should also check them because different issuers may have different security policies. This could mean that different certificates are issued to meet different trust levels. It can be difficult to decide which digital certificates you should trust.

How do I validate my digital signature?

A digital signature can be verified or validated easily. You can verify the authenticity if you have the data necessary to generate a digital signature. To do so, you need

  • The data
  • The signature
  • The public key corresponds to the private key used for signing the data

It allows the recipient to verify the identity of the signer as well as view the reason, date, and time of signature. It ensures that the document has not been altered or altered after signing. The ADSS Server validates digital signatures. These are the steps to verify digital signatures

1. Start the validation process - It depends on which software you are using, but you will need to initiate it (e.g. by clicking the "Validate Signature" button on the software’s toolbar).

2. The digital signature can be decrypted - the public key of the signer is used to decrypt the digital signature and send the original document. (The document fingerprint).

3. Comparing the document fingerprint to her calculated one - The software calculates the document have of the received document, and then compares it with its original hash (from step previous). If they match, the signed document is not altered.

ADSS Server, a multi-function server, provides web services for verification and digital signature creation. It supports other infrastructure services such as Time Stamp Authority (TSA), OCSP validation, and certification services.

The following features are available in ADSS Server:

  • It can handle any type of document, including PDFs, XML and Word, AutoCAD, HTML Web formate, and AutoCAD.
  • It supports all signature formates, long-term signatures, and even the most recent Pad ES.
  • With sample source code, integration of business applications is possible in minutes.
  • You have multiple options for signing.
  • It supports browser-based sign-in.
  • It offers a central signature verification service
  • It is easy to install, configure, and manage.
  • It ensures maximum data security.

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