Principal Advantages of Using Electronic Signatures in Business


Digital living offers many advantages. You may have felt the pressure to move towards paperless options for your business. We can do things fast today. Businesses move at lightning speed, transactions are completed in seconds, and bank transfers are done in a flash. How can we afford to be late when signing documents, particularly electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures are slowly becoming the norm in the corporate sector. Many businesses are moving away from traditional pen-and-ink workflows and adopting digital options. Although it's not clear if the idea of a paperless office is possible, we are moving closer to that possibility.

Electronic signatures are the core of paperless workflow. Their use has increased significantly in recent years.

Electronic signatures are a great option for companies that want to reduce paperwork, lower paper costs, and increase productivity, and efficiency. In most cases, investing in document management programs will yield a positive return.

The six benefits of electronic signatures for your business email should convince you to use them.

What's an electronic signature?

Although electronic signature or E signature may have different meanings, the meaning of the term is the same: an electronic signature that permits a person to consent to the content of a document.

  • Dictionary refers to symbols and other data that are included in the digital form of a document electronically transmitted as proof of the sender's intent.
  • Wikipedia defines an electronic signature (or e-signature) as Data that can be logically associated with other data, and which the signatory uses to sign the associated data.
  • Adobe defines e-signature (or electronic signature) as a legal and efficient way to approve electronic documents. It is secure and verifiable. It can be used to replace a handwritten signature in almost any process.
  • European Commission defines an electronic signature as An electronic indication that a person is willing to accept the contents of a document or set of data. An electronic signature, like its counterpart in the offline world that is handwritten, is a legal concept that captures the signatory's intention to adhere to the terms of the signed document.

Fun fact: While it might seem like digital signatures and electronic signatures are the same, they are not. "Not all electronic signatures can be considered digital signatures. However, all digital signatures can be described as a type or electronic signature."

Digital signatures require that the signer provide certificate-based authentication in order to verify their identity.

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Is it safe to use an ESignature?

While we will soon be discussing the advantages of e-signature, let's first take a look at how the signature evolved.

  • The seal was first. It was a mark of identity that dates back to 3500 BCE when the Sumerians used it to stamp their quality assurance. It became more complicated over time to prevent it from being duplicated. However, 3D printing has made it possible to reproduce a seal with ease.
  • Second, wet signature: This is when you sign a legal document on paper with pen and ink. They were not as popular before the 17th century. This was due to rising literacy rates and the complications associated with seal identity.
  • The third E-Signature is introduced: As technology progressed and the World Wide Web and 1995 internet became established, the PDF and e-signature became more easily accessible.

E-signature authentication has made original documents more secure than they were before. It comes with an electronic record that serves as proof and audit trail, plus detailed certificates of completion that include details about each signer.

Electronic signatures can be legally recognized in many countries, including Australia, India, and the European Union. They are also valid in the United States. It is therefore more secure.

What Are The Benefits of Electronic Signatures?


This makes sense when you think about the amount of paper needed to process them. On average, a US employee uses 40 sheets of paper per year. This does not include storage space, printer repairs, ink, and other expenses.

One must constantly look for ways to reduce costs and maximize profits when running a business. E-signatures can be used to avoid the cost of paper, pens, and xeroxing as well as other miscellaneous costs associated with traditional paper-and ink methods of signing digital documents.

The amount of paper used by an organization does not include the paper that requires an electronic signature. There are still significant savings to be made. E-signature software allows for secure online archiving, such as PDFs, proposals, and invoices. Without the need for physical storage.

Faster document process time

E-signatures can reduce online document storage turnaround times by a staggering number of hours.

One study found that e-signatures reduced the average processing time of documents by 37 minutes, compared to five days for other secure documents. That's right, 37 minutes.

It can be tedious to use the handwritten paper-ink method to sign documents. This involves scanning the document, printing it, faxing it, and sending it via courier. It is important to consider how long it will take to send and receive certain PDF documents for signature that need to be signed by several people.

Electronically signing your paperwork can help you save time and hassle. You can sign documents quickly and easily, even if it takes a while. Electronic signatures can be a quick and easy option that will help your business save a lot of time and allow you to use that time more effectively. You will have the edge you need to increase your contract speed and be able to maintain public trust.


All information in corporate and organizational documents is legally binding. It is vital that all documentation is correct. If the old procedure is still being used and a signer forgets to sign one or more pages, they must be notified and asked to correct it.

Businesses and individuals often use contract management apps to add electronic signatures on papers. These apps offer many additional benefits, including fewer mistakes in contracts, bids, invoices, and other documents.

Research shows that e-signature apps can reduce overall errors by around 80%. Passionate writers, legal professionals, and managers have access to a variety of tools that can be used with e-signatures. These include content libraries, templates, and automated approval workflows.

Secure and Safe

It can be stressful to ensure that all official paperwork is properly handled and sent to the correct people. There is always a chance that documents could be lost, stolen, altered, or misplaced, even with the best security.

You can save time and reduce the number of hands required to electronically sign your document. It is also easier to keep track of all required signing operations because electronic signature makers often include a digital certificate audit trail that includes emails, signed certificate authority, copies of contracts, and saved copies.

A handwritten traditional signature is much easier to create than an electronic one. Digital signatures are a secure method of signing online.

Greater customer loyalty

E-signature solutions are more than just for internal business processes. E-signatures can also increase client satisfaction and loyalty by enhancing the customer experience. Companies that use e-signature have a higher Net Promoter Score.

Electronic signature software offer clients many benefits and custom branding, including speeding up the signing process and getting rid of the printer in the office.

One, customers can sign documents electronically from any device. This adds an additional level of efficiency. A contract management solution allows the recipient to sign proposals and contracts electronically. They don't have to leave their email tracking app or download files to approve them.

Clients are also reassured by e-signature technology, which offers added security that contract managers will not be lost or misplaced.

Positive Return on Investment (ROI).

AIIM research found that 81% of participants had reported a positive return on investment after using e-signature software for one year. One-fourth claimed that they had seen a return on their investment within three months after using e-signature software.

It's easy and inexpensive to create a recording software infrastructure to allow customers and employees to use electronic signature software. There are many apps available for all types of businesses and individuals. Most of them offer dedicated onboarding support to help make the transition to paperless work as easy and painless as possible. Electronic signers can be a profitable option for many businesses, as they reduce the cost of paper.

We must remember that they are also beneficial for the environment.

Electronic signatures are much more eco-friendly than pen-and-ink alternatives, so it shouldn't surprise you. Electronic signatures have helped to reduce the use of hundreds of tonnes of paper by their employers.

It would be extremely cost-effective and practical for your business to go paperless. This will also promote a healthier environment. You will also be able to avoid the hassle of going through mountains of paperwork.

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What does an e-signature do?

To ensure uniformity in electronic records and e-signs use, several states adopted the UETA Act. Electronic signatures are legal ways to digitally approve documents, contracts, and a group of documents.

E-signature can be used to sign any document that needs to be locked down quickly or requires reasonable security. It also gives the user legal binding and saves him time.

These signatures are used for many purposes.

  • Processing invoices, sales propositions, and purchase agreements
  • Onboarding and Recruitment
  • Timesheets, leases, and rental agreements
  • You can also get tax returns, bank statements, forms for insurance, and other documentation.
  • Releases of model and product models
  • Vendor agreements
  • Compliance within the organization
  • Authorization slips
  • Reporting expenses

Businesses use e-signatures today for many reasons.

  • It is faster to electronically sign PDF contracts or other contracts.
  • It is possible to reduce paper use and save documents digitally. This allows for electronic tracking throughout the content management lifecycle.
  • These provide legal protection in the event of a contract violation or NDA breach.
  • Digital content tools allow users to quickly sign faster by integrating the e-signature in different formats and templates thanks to the availability of digital personalization tools

Electronic signatures can be used in almost all aspects of your life. There are no restrictions to where and when you can use electronic signatures, except in the case of your country of residence.

What documents can be excluded from electronic signatures?

In certain circumstances, a wet ink signature (or non-electronic) is preferred to an electronic signature. An electronic signature will not be accepted in these situations, so it is important to use ink for filing bankruptcy.

In the following cases, digital solutions signatures and e-signatures are also prohibited:

  • Handwritten negotiable Instruments are also available, apart from checks
  • A handwritten power-of-attorney (POA).
  • Written trust agreements
  • Written wills and other testamentary dispositions are also available.
  • Handwritten agreement to sell or transfer any movable item, or interest in one

Some countries have yet to adopt electronic signatures. In these cases, the validity of the wet-signature prevails over the E-signature.


You don't need to panic if you are still signing documents using pen and paper. However, now is the time to make the transition.
Electronic signatures have become so common that people won't raise eyebrows or wonder why electronic signatures are necessary when they receive a document.

E-signatures not only save you time but also improve your financial position. Electronic signature makers allow you to sign papers faster, more efficiently, and more effectively than ever before.

They will not affect the way your company conducts business. Many business applications, including PDF, Google Docs, and Salesforce, as well as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word, Dropbox, Microsoft Word, and others, can be used with electronic signature special software. There is no reason to not invest in digital signature software. Every company, administration, or organization will reap the entire process benefits of a good investment based on their needs and preferences.

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