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Some eSignature Solutions May Not Be Right for Your Business.

As part of digital transformation efforts by companies in the COVID-19 ecosystem, eSignature solutions have seen a huge increase in popularity in the past year. Not all eSignatures work for businesses.

Consider eSignature solutions

The same reason enterprises choose Microsoft Outlook over Gmail is why organizations looking at eSignature solutions must be careful about what technology they use and take into account a variety of requirements, such as scale, security, choice and licensing models.

All eSignature solutions may not be created equal. They all provide fast and efficient remote signing capabilities but they differ in their compatibility with larger IT requirements and automation initiatives.

Companies looking to implement eSignature must evaluate vendors and technology in light of multiple requirements.

Streamlined Integration

The eSignature solution must be compatible with existing core systems (HR CRM, ERP, etc.). Collaborate with the corresponding workflows.

The integration of form and document signing into workflows and applications allows for more detailed reporting. This creates innovative experiences for employees and customers.

Powerful enterprise management

Many companies prefer to use on-premises solutions for compliance and security reasons, but they want the possibility of moving their solution to the cloud. Is the eSignature solution possible to be used on-premises or in the cloud? Many industries need to ensure compliance and risk mitigation.

The eSignature solution for an organization must have audit trail capabilities, strong evidential weight, meet technical guidelines, and help with compliance.

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Desirable user experience

Remote workers must be able to create, track, sign, and send documents and forms electronically. To scale adoption across business units and increase productivity, a simple, intuitive experience is crucial.

Customers will engage with businesses from any device and anywhere they are. Therefore, it is vital to have an eSignature solution that supports omnichannel. This will ensure a positive customer experience.

All integrated into one intelligent automation platform

Companies are investing heavily in integrated intelligent automation platforms to transform digital workflows. Does the eSignature solution integrate into the enterprise platform of choice? Avoid investing in single solutions that could lead to disjointed automation silos.

Organizations that ignore enterprise buying basics could hinder their future automation ambitions.