Electronic Signatures Can Improve Patient Experience


Patients deserve top-quality care. They need access to information 24/7 via mobile and digital platforms. Clinics can't afford to continue using paper and manual processes in order to meet these demands.

A fully digital solution can improve the patient experience and increase staff productivity.

Many factors are involved in the daily running of a hospital. Interactions require signatures from patients in the hospital: informed consent, disclosure of data, etc. This information is usually integrated manually into the hospital's information system (HIS), which can lead to inefficiencies and legal conflicts.

Electronic signature The perfect solution to information processing based upon compliance with regulatory requirements. The ability to adapt to any use case in healthcare is a plus. Different signature channels will improve patient satisfaction and coordination with clinics. It will enhance administrative processes, reduce environmental impacts, and optimize internal as well as external operations.

Use cases

These are just a few of the interactions where the electronic signature could be the solution.

1. Informed consent: Document is a key element of the medical-care relationship. It concerns both doctors and patients. To avoid any violations of the duty to medical information, it is essential to adapt this document to each patient. It is possible to facilitate the agreement via Esignly's variety of electronic signature methods.

2. DataProtection: Data protection is more than a set of rules. This is especially true when dealing with high-risk data such as personal financial information? informed consent or medical records. Electronic signatures can be used to meet the active consent requirement. They are secure and auditable and allow you to show the details of consent obtained. This includes who consented, when and how it was obtained.

3. Electronic signatures are essential for the digital development of clinical reports. Because Signly is a qualified Trusted Service Provider. They are used to verify the authenticity and integrity of medical records entries and to identify the author.

4. Covid anamnesis: A good anamnesis can help guide the diagnosis. It is crucial to have a thorough anamnesis and examination before administering the COVID-19 vaccination. Check any pertinent medical historyAllergies and dates of vaccination, route/site used, and name signatureof the physician who administered the vaccine.

5. Telemedicine: Traditional medical consultations were done in person in a professional setting. The risk posed by the growth of the coronavirus, and the overcapacity at hospitals, has made it necessary to continue to attend patients in a safer manner, avoiding unnecessary trips, and without compromising the face-toface visit.

Private healthcare: Innovative experiences

Esignly has partnered with two major hospitals to provide a tool that would improve their operations. It could be adaptable to their unique circumstances, but also easy to use and implement.

Mesa Del Castillo Hospital This is a private, state-funded medical facility in Murcia that provides health care to a large portion of the private insurance companies, traffic, labor, and sports.

Hospitals are one of the most popular services for clients and patients. Physiotherapy treatments. The patient must sign the "Attendance Record" each time they attend a rehabilitation program. The medical report must be completed by specialists at the same moment for each patient.

The Large number of participants The healthcare and administrative processes generate a lot of documentation. Therefore, the hospital needed a solution. Improve the administration process To add more value to the already existing hospital service.

The implementation of a technological solution was the basis for the technological solution. Document management software that allows electronic signatures that happens automatically medical reports are generated patients can be treated by specialists using the prescribed treatments Sign the attendance record with a tablet integrates with existing hospital information systems patient's medical records are then filed by the therapist, who signs with an electronic signature. With the qualified hospital stamp.

Theresa Del Castillo Hospital has been able to automate and improve the entire document process and eliminate paper, with the consequent savings. The biometric signature and electronic certificates add legal certainty to the whole process Follow the data protection guidelines.

The other part of the SanRoque University Hospitals There is more than 100-year-old centers that offer private health care in the Canary Islands. They have been able to stand out since their inception for their commitment to continuous growth, the values of the team and the incorporation of the most recent technology to provide better service to their patients, their families, and caregivers.

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Digitalization has been a fundamental pillar of our society for many years.When it comes to achieving important objectives, the network of San Roque University Hospitals is a great help. The company's implementation was successful.InerzaEsignly's technological partner,, developed a digital signature system that guarantees the security of your data.The Hospital Information System (HIS), which provides data for patient, intervention, and operating room data. For example, you can get face-to-face treatment.The user must fill in any data that is not already in the system request.A third use case they recently used is the biometric signature for the GDPR document for users who wish to perform the Covid19 antigen Test or Covid19 PCR Test.

The Centers currently collect two types of signatures:

- Biometric signature to allow patients to be onboarded: informed consents and authorizations

- A centralized signature to sign medical reports that need the signature of professionals.

Integrating patient data is vital

Integration of applications through API Rest is a crucial element in technological modernization within the Social and Health sector. It also ensures patient protection. An electronic signature, which is an instrument that integrates into medical software, can be used to prevent accidents in medical procedures and tests. It also offers the patient the opportunity to have a pleasant integration in their medical experience.